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Families researching: Beals, Davis, Floyd, Fullilove, Goss, Gowen, Griffith, Hoffhuff, Johnson, Logan, Malone, Mills, Ritter, Smith, Tarbush

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Evelynne Ritter The men are laying a water line. Background, shows 2 flagpoles & possibly a command office. Appears it is a WWI era military base being preped for draftees.
Aug 11, 2003 · posted to the photo Unknown people
Evelynne Ritter The photo was taken after March 5th 1942, which is the offical date of the Navy SeaBees conception. The Navy SeaBees are still active in military construction. The two main bases are Gulfport, MS and Port Hueneme (Y-nee-mee, CA.
Aug 25, 2003 · posted to the photo Wm. Murlon 'Bob' Bobbitt, WWII, Navy CBees