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About: I am searching for Anthony Sheahan Gustafson and Johnson, I have gotten valuable info from the web and have decided to find and explore new sites.

Researching: Johnson, Snyder, Anderson, Nelson, Sykes, Martin, Hendry, Sheehan, Anthony, Gustafson, Sheahan

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I don't have a clue what this says. If someone could interpet this I would appreciate it. Thanks, Kat
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This is a picture of a church in Sweden sent to my Grandmother Selma A. Johnson The next picture has the writing on the back.
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This picture is probably taken in Lyn (Lynn Center?)Henry Co., IL. Minnie and Ellen(?)are the daughters of Swan and Carolina Johnson,both immigrated to US from Sweden. Swan was here (1871)10 years before Carolina immigrated (18881)
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Taken in Photo Studio J M LENZ
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Michael Sheehan gr 172 w1/2 old block 3, Margaret (wife)(same site) Mary Shallene (listed as Mary A. Sheehan) (same site) Original burial was St. Marys Cemetary Brother spells last name Sheahan
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