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About: I have been researching steady for almost 25 years now. Some lines still elude me, but I keep trying. Glad to share all with others. Surnames: Gillam Old Loiacano Logan Jones Gilliam Gillum Meals Clark Wilson Cherry Caldwell Barger Walker Gentry Butterfield Call Burgoon Mason Isenburg

Researching: Wilson, Clark, Mason, Jones, Walker, Caldwell, Old, Gilliam, Logan, Gillum, Barger, Butterfield, Cherry, Burgoon, Call, Olds, Gillam, Meals

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This is a photo of an entertainer sent to my grandmother, Mary Mason in Petersburg, PA from Jimmie Skinner, Record Shop, 35 E Court Street Cincinnati, OH Postcard on the back says Dear Friend,.... and is signed Your Friend Jimmie Skinner
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Anyone recognize these people? The photos indicate they are husband and wife or brother and sister.
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Possibly taken by Frances Logan was at college. Back reads How do you like my horses hai-do? Taken while I was still at school.
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This photo was sent to me by Louis C. Gillam of Texas City Texas. It is taken from an oil painting hanging in "The Hayes" home of H. Gilliam Wood of Edenton, NC.
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This photo was in possession of Mary Virginia Mason Gillam and is said to be Sarah Mason & Elizabeth Mc MLanathen. It was taken in PA, probably Huntingdon Co.
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This picture was taken by my husband Stephen Old for his friend Howard German of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
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This is a photograph of a poem written by Dora L. Gaines. It was submitted to a newspaper by Virgina Myers or Myess of Miami, OK. Sorry the photo is blurred.
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Mary Old Jean, I have Jones family in the Dekalb Co. area as well. Can you please send some details; IE NAME date and place for your furthest back Jones pictured?
Mar 23, 2010 · posted to the photo Jones Family Gathering, DeKalb Co, GA
Mary Old My email is
Jul 23, 2009 · posted to the photo Vera Walker
Mary Old I publish a newsletter called Gillams Galore. I would very much like permission to publish your photo on the cover of a future newsletter. In return you will receive a free copy of the newsletter. Would you be interested?
Mar 20, 2009 · posted to the photo Amanda (Martin) Gilliam
Mary Old Andrea, Please contact me at I will compare any data with a name date and place on the Gilliamp line to my many charts of data. William H. above is on my chart 202, and that connects to chart 16. There is no charge for this service.
Dec 09, 2008 · posted to the photo William H.Gilliam & Nola Family, 1919 Elliott Co
Mary Old This photo has been published in my February 2007 issue of Gillams Galore. Hope you find more detail.
Jul 04, 2007 · posted to the photo mystery gilliam/tannehill lady
Mary Old I have two charts on this man. One is from Isiah down and the other is his ancestors. Please let me know if you are researching this man, and I will be glad to send them free of charge. Hopefully this will help you with your genealogy as it lists my sources and researchers who have contacted me on the line. They are charts 4 and 126. This is not my line, but I have collected a lot of info. on the spellings of this surname over the last 25 years, and try to share it with others. Mary Old ( Note: new email after June,2004.
Jun 11, 2004 · posted to the photo Isiah Gilliam
Mary Old Would very much like to publish this photo in my Newsletter, Gillams Galore. Please e-mail me.
Feb 20, 2004 · posted to the photo Gilliam Photo
Mary Old Thanks for confirming my guess.
Feb 14, 2004 · posted to the photo Young Child