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About: I love genealogy and have been doing it for many years . My Main surnames are : Stephens , Smith , Barrows , Gaines ,Coward, Hildreth ,Easterwood , Duke , Story/Storey, Hardy, Brandon, Packer

Researching: Brandon, Powell, Rowland, Cooper, Reed, Harris, Jones, Stevens, Garner, Anderson, Lemaster, Stephens, Rodgers, Duke, Hardy, Kirkland, Formby, Gossett, Quinn, Easterwood, Gaines, Storey, Hildreth, Winford, Deformby, Packer, Malcom, Ganaway, Lines

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John W. Barrows evidently dropped from the sky. I have an ending but no beginning . He was born 1834 NY. His father born in NY and mother born in Ireland .I have no names for his parents or siblings and would very much like to find them .He has been somewhat of a mystery for many years. In abt. 1875 he married Mary A. COOPER and they had 7 children born in Texas and Arizona .Five of these children survived to adulthood to be orphaned when their parents died in AZ. They were sent back to Texas to an aged grandmother and Uncle .
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Enoch A. & Martha Stephens with dau. Paralee Stephens b. 1890 . Enoch Stephens was born 1868 Arkansas.
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Supposedly a photo of Mary A. Storey who may be the mother of William M. Storey of Milam Co. , Texas . Mary A, Storey died in Alabama .Is she same woman as Grandma Storey ? Two different women to me .
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Phyllis King This is according to family lore.
Aug 10, 2012 · posted to the photo John W. Barrows
Phyllis King He was NOT her Uncle
Jun 08, 2012 · posted to the photo Death Certificate
Phyllis King Hi, I think he is descended from Henry Franic Gaines of Benton/Calhoun/Cleburne Co., Alabama. Would have to double check this though. Phyllis
Feb 07, 2005 · posted to the photo Herbert Gaines & Lee Gunter
Phyllis King Judy, I forgot to mention I had come to view by your pictures by Cooper, not by Duke. My Cooper's came to Texas from Jones/Jasper Co. , Miss. Phyllis
Dec 11, 2004 · posted to the photo John David & Susan Martha Johnson Duke Gravestone
Phyllis King Hi Judy, I'm also descended from David Duke of Panola Co., MS.through his son, John Wm. Duke & Catherine E. Packer Duke. Phyllis
Sep 27, 2004 · posted to the photo James Goodman & Julia Franklin Bowden Bridger
Phyllis King Hi Sherry, Do you know who the parents of Thomas H. Duke are? Where he was born or anything about him? I am descended from John Wm. Duke and Catherine E. Packer who came to Texas after the Civil War with their family. They first settled in Milam and then Runnels Counties. Some of his siblings also moved here and to Arkansas . Thanks Phyllis
Jun 07, 2004 · posted to the photo Tombstone of Thomas H Duke
Phyllis King Hi, A very nice photo of your family. I couldn't resist e-mailing and commenting to the male adult's name. I know we are probably not related, (my Stephens came 1820 AL>MS>AR>TX), but the Noel is so uncommon a name that I had to. My brother is , Philip Noal Stephens. He was named for my grandfather, Herbert Noel Barrows. I asked my mom one time why she changed the e to an a, but she said she really didn't know. He goes by Noal. Thanks for sharing it with us. Phyllis
Jun 07, 2004 · posted to the photo Douglas Noel Stephens Family
Phyllis King Thank you. To me they look like two entirely different women.
Feb 13, 2004 · posted to the photo maw
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