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About: Crowell, James, Fisher, Yocum, Lewellen, Barton, Cook, Shirley, Shelton, Key, Manley, McGregor, Winsett, Rogers, Mitchell, Boley, Crook, Pickens, Tandy, Collopy, Myres, LeBouf, Coffey and others.
Surnames: Cook, Shelton, Rogers, Mitchell, Fisher, Crowell, Manley, Barton, Mcgregor, Boley, James, Key, Tandy, Shirley, Manly, Lewellen, Pickens, Crook, Macgregor, Collopy, Yocum, Winsett, Myres

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Pamela, where did your Charles Haygood Barton live or where was he from originally. A member of my Barton family married a Watts but our Watts was a man, so I don't know if there is any...