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About: I am searching German, Prussian, and Czech sides of my lines. I can translate German and Czech documents from typed or handwritten. I also have full access search within [external link] for records lookups, and I dabble in photo digital restorations. Surnames related to my search are Cerny, Hruska, Vrana, Engle, Menning, Lentz, Troutman, Shoun, Wills, Fuller, Wendell.

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Young lady Dec 10, 2007
Yes, appears to be a Confirmation celebration. Either side of mid-1900 to 1915.
Can't see any detailed markings, but the riders are Calvary. Looks like the 5 on left are American and the 4 on the right are other type. (look at the hats) Could be Spanish American War or...
Who is this man Mar 26, 2007
Have seen similar looking photos, kinda looks like Frank James, maybe even Jesse.
Unknown Soldiers Jan 15, 2007
Can't see them clearly enough, but those patches on the left arms are Armor Infantry Division unit patches. These guys could be tank crewmen.
Our Outlaw mystery???? Dec 14, 2004
Can't be too sure, but looks like a young set of Butch & Sundance?!
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