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Name: Cindy Funk
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About: I am researching the surnames Carns,Freeman,Sanders,Saffell,Grocy,Rief,Goodrich,Johnson,Finney,Rief,Killam,Loury all with roots in the State of Iowa,also researching, Rumbos of Greece,Rose of California,Lucas, Schell or Shell of indiana, Funk of Oregon,Waller of Texas, McCullar of Montana and Alabama,Springer of Oregon, Thanks Cindy
Surnames: Johnson, Evans, Springer, Rose, Capps, Lucas, Freeman, Sanders, Shell, Goodrich, Finney, Carlson, Carns, Killam, Funk, Loury, Rief, Grocy, Mccullar, Rumbos, Saffell

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August Aug 08, 2003
oops his name is August Henry Peter Bonnes..i dont have a clue as to where in the world i got the name Herman :)