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About: I am a retired soldier who has been researching for over 20 years. The names I am researching and the areas they are in are as follows:(Bagwill, Hill, Butcher, Duty, Barringer, Waddington, Cole - NC, TN, IL); (Smith, Johnson, Bergesen, Tønnesdtr.- Norway, NY, NJ, RI); (Turner, Smith, Carroll, Hill, Davis, Elliott, Bolinger, Rains, Hoskins, York - NC, VA, TN, KY ); (Wilder, Hensley, Fleenor/Fleemon, Miracle, King, Risner, Mason, Shackleford, Jones, Bingham - VA, NC, TN, KY, MI); (Stratton, Marlow, Phillips - Ireland, NJ, OH, WI, ID, WA); (Longfellow, Ullom, King, Salo, Sakkinen, Massingill, Duckworth, Powell, Ripley, Smith, McPike, Van Cleve, Underwood, Morgan - Finland, NY, MA, ME, OH, IN, WA, CA); (Kimball, Jones, Norton, Preston, Haines, Hampton, Tucker, Pruitt, Aydelotte, Pruitt - IL, MO, OR); (Cass, Surber, Moore - Ireland, IN, FL, CA)
Surnames: Davis, Smith, Marlow, Duty, Mason, Jones, King, Turner, Phillips, Carroll, Cole, Bingham, Hensley, Hill, Shackleford, Elliott, Fleenor, Wilder, Butcher, Rains, Stratton, Risner, Miracle, Longfellow, Barringer, Bagwill, Tonnesdtr

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