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Updated Jun 03, 2021


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ShirleyAnne Brazen commented on Apr 07, 2007
I was born April 3, 1936. I have been trying to find my mother for the last 30 years.So maybe she has been lost in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. In 1936 was was about 20 years old. She already had 3 children and her husband was in a T.B. Clinic in around Appomattox Va. She met my father John C Moore and they had an affair , thus me. she came and stayed with his Wife Margaret , until I was born . she left me there and went back to her family . I have never been able to find her ot my 3 half sibblings.. 2 girls and 1 boy ( who is either named Walter or Frank. My dad 7his wife and I moved to Cahrleston WVA . there my dad was hurt in a roofing accident and died July 1940. He was burried in the family plot in Oakvile Va ( in Appomattox) his church was Mt. Comfort . My name is Shirley Anne Moore
Christy Satfield commented on Aug 25, 2020
A couple questions: Do you have a birth certificate for yourself? You might be able to getyourmother’s married name from it. Have you looked for her other children? Did your stepmother adopt you? What happened to you after your dad died? You were so young. What was her husbands name? I’m sure you’ve already sought answers to those questions. You might try putting an announcement like the one here on Facebook because lots of people will see it and perhaps recognize their grandma Lucille or have some information you could use in your search. Good luck.
Vivian Glacken commented on Feb 11, 2010
Michael Carroll b. abt.1830. Married ( 22 Jan. 1860) Mary Sweeney b. unknown (Millstreet, Cork Ireland) Their children were: Daniel Carroll b. abt. 1861, Timothy Carroll b. 1864, Julia Carroll b. 1867, John Carroll b. 1870, Mary Carroll b. 1873 (Millstreet, Cork Ireland). Catherine Kelleher & Daniel Carroll married Feb. 22,1887 Parish of Millstreet R.C. Catherine & Daniel had 11 children: Michael Carroll b. 1887 Mary Carroll b. 1889 Ellen Carroll b. 1890 Timothy Patrick Carroll b. 1892 (my grandfather) Catherine Carroll b. 1894 John Carroll b. 1895 Julia Carroll b. 1898 Edmund or Edward Carroll b.1900 Daniel Carroll b. 1903 Jeremiah Carroll b. 1906 Maurice Carroll b. 1908 All Carroll children were born in Cork Ireland The Carroll children started coming to the US around 1905 or 1910 to PA & NY. I did find one family member in PA (gg grandson of Edward Kelleher, Catherine Kelleher's brother) any information would be a big help. really would love pictures
Kacie Neff commented on Aug 23, 2020
Hello I have a Micheal Carroll who was born 1825 but he was married to Julia Dwyer
ShirleyAnne Brazen commented on Apr 16, 2014
looking for Lucille Carroll, born 1913 in Va She was at nursing school in 1940 in Chicago, Il. In 1936 she live near the Appomattox , Va area. She had 2girls and a son under 4yr of age.
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