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Researching: Allen, Ayers, Henderson, Anderson, Pearson, Williams, King, Turner, Osborn, Curry, Brannon, Adams, Sanders, Dunlap, Loper, Deal, Hook, Baglion, Hegwer, Lamson, Overacker, Sarcoxie

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Peter and Carl both born in Denmark. They came to the us in about 1881. Peter settled in Hardy, Nebraska and Carl married Laura B Hicks and settled in Topeka, Ks. Carl was born about 1871
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Peter Petersen born Denmark, Imigrated in about 1881 and settled in Hardy, Nebraska.
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Carl Peterson(Petersen) was born 1871 in Denmark. He imigrated to the us in about 1881. He settled in Nebraska and married Laura Bell Hicks. They then made their home in Topeka, Ks
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Carl Matrinez Peterson and brother Peter Peterson. Both born in Denmark. Imigrated in about 1881.Pete lived in Hardy, Nebraska and Carl did too until he moved to Topeka, Ks.
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