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Rebecca Monday Some of my fondiest memories are of my Grandma Lula (Croft) Freeman. She was without a doubt, the sweetest person I ever knew. I always enjoyed my visits to see Granma Lula. Born March 16,1891 to parents George Washington and Emma (Hilton) Croft. They always lived in Cherokee County, GA. Lula was the middle child of three children and the only girl. Her mother died shortly after the birth of the last child in 1894. George Washington married again to Lina Jane (New)on October 24, 1894, and grandma and her brothers were raised with their half brothers and sisters. from that marriage. Grandma Lula married Jess Oscar Freeman January 2, 1910. They had nine children, including a set of twins. Grandpa Jess died in December 1934. I never knew him. But, my grandma was still young and beautitful and never ever dreamed of remarriage. She always found time for her grandchildren along with her own children. I could not wait for any visit to my grandmother's house. Especially the Summer visits where I could stay longer being out of school. Grandma was a God fearing Christian woman. We did fun things together, cooking, listening to the radio, which she kept in the kitchen on top of the ice box, she spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking for her family and friends. She would always listen to her favorite soap opera and the news. I remember us huddling around the radio listening and hoping for a good report from the little girl (Kathy) that fell into the well in 1949? A sad ending to that story made us both cry. She had a fenced back yard and a dog named Fluff and I loved going outside to play with Fluff while grandma Lula sat on the back steps and watched us play. I will always love and remember my grandma Lula, she was certainly the Apple of my eye. She passed away in October of 1980 surrounded by family and friends. She is buried beside the love of her life, my grandpa Jess Freeman in Bascomb Church Cemetery, in Woodstock, (Cherokee County) GA. What an honor to remember her with a short story this close to Mother's Day.
May 05, 2006 · posted to the surname Croft