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This is Ed Philips. He was 19 years-old when this picture was taken. A note that came with this picture read,"killed before Atlanta; shot through the throat." This picture came with others who are related to the Rose Family of Milford Centre, Ohio. Any body know who he is? Who he might be related to? Can't let this young man be left alone for the rest of eternity..
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Picture of my grandfather and great-grandmother. I can't identify the others but, I suspect they are from my great-grandmother's family, the Pheteplaces.
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Having difficulty identifying family. Members of this family seen in other photos with great-grandmother. I suspect they are from her side of family.
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A Wheelock Family Gathering in the mid-west (most likely).
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This is a picture of the Morrill Family in Hawaii. The names of the people are unknown. What is known is that the male is the brother of Edgar William Morrill. If anyone can identify these people, please notify.
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This picture is taken from a glass negative. The other pictures given with this picture were of the Rose Family of Milford, OH circa 1870.
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