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VirginiaCarr Martinez This is not my story, but my friends. Allen McCann was a Chicago Police Story, as was his father, and his brothers. His father was Frances McCann, and his childrens 1st initials spelled out his name. From memory they were: Frank, Robert, Allen, Neil, Corral, Emma & ?. There were 10 Children. Allen married Joan Clouda(sp) and had 10 kids. Allen, Larry, Linda, Eileen, Neil, Michael, Catherine, Cristopher, ANN(she was to have been the last) and Nick. Their 1st initials spell ALLEN McCANN. 10 beautiful, loving, clannish children - all very capable, and at least 8 finished college. Their parents were a real-life love story...and still are though they are in their 80's. They live, laugh, love, do the silliest things, and enjoy each others company. Joan was a sewing teacher, and was known to stitch up cuts and such at home. Allen work side- security to give them a good home. They ALL had the Irish humor, although Joan was German. If we could all have a family like this! What a blessing they are to everyone who knows them.
Jun 23, 2009 · posted to the surname Mccann
VirginiaCarr Martinez Until 2 weeks ago I lived in Plainfield Illinois, just off Caton Farm Road. Being Curious I checked census on the Catons. I found a large land-holder, who owned land in Cook, Kendall and Will counties in Illinois, all could be touching at some points. The farm was listed in Will county, in Plainfield, near Joliet. I think his name was James or John, but not sure. He also had a home in Chicago where he died. His son, by the same name, born in Chicago, ended up on the Will County farm. I wasn't able to find anything else on this family, and hoped someone out there knew who they were, where they were from, and what happened to them. The are still 3 CATONs listed in the area phone book, but I didn't have the nerve to call. Anyone know these folks? GINNY 2
Mar 31, 2009 · posted to the surname Caton
VirginiaCarr Martinez Where were your folks from? We are looking for info on Alfred Tabor, who lived on Staten Island NY in 1924. His parents may have been Charles and Christine. We guess Albert to be born ca 1890 -1900,
Jun 01, 2010 · posted to the photo James King Tabor's Children
VirginiaCarr Martinez Where did he live, and where was his family from? GINNY
Oct 16, 2009 · posted to the photo Edward Abraham Tyrrell
VirginiaCarr Martinez Do you know where they were born, and/or where they lived later in life? GINNY
Oct 16, 2009 · posted to the photo William Smith Terrill and Wife Mary Ann (Thompson)
VirginiaCarr Martinez Where were these Terrells from, and at what time. My great grandmother was Susannah Terrell, born LAWRENCE COUNTY IN in 1850 to William TERRELL & Nancy (TIREY/TYREE/TYRE )Davis. They moved to JASPER CO IL by 1870, where Susannah married Michael HAMilton CARR in 1870. They are all buried in ATENS cemetary in Hidalgo. Any connection? GINNY
Oct 16, 2009 · posted to the photo Terrill Family
VirginiaCarr Martinez I have Peters/Peterson from HAMPSHIRE/HARDY CO VA(WV) from 1750. Does this Peters descent from them? Where is he from? GINNY
Oct 16, 2009 · posted to the photo Anson Maxwell Peters
VirginiaCarr Martinez I don't know this family, but the CARR men have the same Dumbo ears as my CARR family.
VirginiaCarr Martinez I don't know these men, but the Badgely family are pioneers to MONROE and ST.CLAIR (Bellville)IL in 1798. The Historical Society there may be interested in those pictures. Rev. Badgely lead a large group of Virginians from VA to IL, after the Rev War, where they recieved land grants. My family came with them. GINNY 2
Mar 31, 2009 · posted to the photo Friends Badgley, Gauch Eggeramann
VirginiaCarr Martinez Where are these Barkers from in IL. I have some in various places, including RICHLAND, ST.CLAIR, JACKSON, JASPER, and COOK counties in Illinois. GINNY 2
Mar 31, 2009 · posted to the photo Barker thrashing machine
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