1920's Fashion Is A Lot More Modern Than You Might Expect

posted Jul 07, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
Tags: Fashion, 1920s
1920s fashion began modestly and quickly evolved to what we would consider, even today, as a bit sexy or scandalous. First came the feathers, shiny beads, cloches, showing of skin, lots of fur, no corset, flappers... and then celebrities began pushing fashion limits even further. It's the roaring 20's and it's fabulous fashion! You can almost tell what year each photo was taken based on how conservative the dress.

Gloria Swanson, 1920's

Talk about bling!

1921 evening gown

1920 - still a little conservative

The "It" girl

Clara Bow

What beautiful draping

1921 - demure!

High school girls as "flappers"


School girl fun

The face of the decade

Josephine Baker

Nice girl

Mother & daughter

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