25 Photos of Native American History

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posted Nov 21, 2017 by Daniel Pinna
Before European explorers arrived in North America, scholars believe that there were upwards of 50 million Native Americans living across all of the Americas. Today, there are over 550 Federally recognized tribes existing in the United States alone.

These proud people have a fascinating history, and thanks to early photographers we have these photos today to remember their historic way of life.

A Sioux named “Plenty Holes” in feather headdress

Mojave Native American scout

Amos Two Bulls was a performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show.

Iroquois tribe from Buffalo New York in 1914

Medicine lodge with two Siksika or Blackfoot tribe members

A Cherokee presenting President Coolidge with a copy of “The Red Man” - a survey of the Native American people.

Reenactment of the death of Colonel Custer taken from Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show

Working on an animal hide around 1927

Eskimos working with walrus blubber

Taken in 1899

Thanks to photographers like Edward Curtis we have photos like these.

Crow war group from Montana

Chief Quanah Parker

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