Cowboys Who Made The West Wild

Created on Jan 26, 2016 by Daniel Pinna
In the 1700s, the term cowboy came from the Spanish word 'vaquero', which literally meant a boy who tended to cows. By the 1850s however, the term cowboy came to mean more what we think of: a blue jeans, hat, & spurs wearin’, horse ridin’, North American cattle handler.

How could we forget Cowboys after recently highlighting Native American photos? Check out these cowboy snapshots below.


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Cowboys Who Made The West Wild

Looking tough, and well-armed, out on the frontier

Wild West performer and Wingshot Champion of the World: Captain Enoch Elmer Stubbs

Canadian Cowboys knew how to have fun: notice the young man having a drink

Cowboys in action, wrangling horses

Washing up for dinner down at the SMS Ranch

Go ahead, make my day

West Texas around 1890

Not all Texas cowboys looked rugged

Wild West prairies in 1887

The Regulators - round up

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