Do These Vintage Hats Stand The Test of Time?

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From boaters and boudoir caps worn with sleepwear in the 19th century, to Russian fur ushankas, hats have remained a popular component of fashion. The earliest known hat was found belonging to a man believed to have been alive in 3,300 BC (and it’s likely that hats existed long before that!). Of course, hats have evolved from necessity to fashion over time. Check out these different hat fashions from the past few hundred years.


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Do These Vintage Hats Stand The Test of Time?

Are those feathers or is it a fur hat?

A big ribbon could stand in for a hat

That's an interesting use of feathers

Both men and women wore fashionable hats

How does she keep that hat from falling off her head? Where do the hatpins go?

You had to have a strong neck to hold up this hat!

Men looked dapper in a Bowler

Flowers and ribbons really make a hat

A Swedish hat from olden days

These sisters have similar taste in hats

That bow is bigger than the hat itself!

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