Graceful Fashion - Popular Clothing in the 1900s

Created on Sep 07, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
Skirts skimming the ground (often with trains), high collars, big hats (lots of feathers - sometimes even with whole stuffed birds - ribbons, and flowers), the last heyday for corsets, the rise of designer houses: 1900 through 1909 started with a continuation of the 1800's and lead to the great profile changes of the 1910's. Women's shoes had pointed toes and there was a shoe for every occasion (Oxfords, evening slippers, and boots). Gibson girl hair was all the rage. But the biggest change for men was in curled mustaches - clothes remained much the same for them as in the 1800's.

Circa 1900 - the belle epoque

The Belle Epoque

1800's influence (big sleeves for women)

Isabella & James Donleavey

And a big mustache for men!

John Philip Sousa's wife, 1905

John Philip Sousa's Wife

The "S curve" of the "modern" corset

1900's Fashion

1900 - big sleeves and high collar

Martha Carey Thomas

Dressed for winter, 1902

Sarah Frances (Trcziyulny) Gibbs

Lots of lace, 1909

Louise Gordon Rennie Woody

Homemade dress, 1907

Annie Jacobs Doss
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