Explorers of the 20th Century

Created on Oct 17, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
See the true faces of the men and women explorers who pushed the limits of our knowledge by daring to dream and challenge our boundaries. These historic explorers and adventurers have helped us understand more about our own world and about outer space. They were brave men and women who dared to do things most of us won't even try. What motivated these explorers to risk their lives to discover something new? Each story is unique - explorers were often driven by nationalism, pride, financial opportunities and/or faith.

These are photos and stories of the adventurers of the early 20th century. You may know some of them but many (we're sure) you won't recognize!

Explorers of the 20th Century

This brave little boy grew up to be . . .

Neil Armstrong, Man on the Moon

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon!

Harriett Chalmers Adams, 1920

Harriett Chalmers Adams, 1920

She explored South America, Asia, and the South Pacific and wrote about it in National Geographic.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart - 120th Birthday

When women weren't considered fit to pilot a plane, she challenged the idea in a big way.


And then came Sally Ride

Sally Ride - 1st U.S. Female Astronaut dies

Who flew into outer space!

Edward Wilson, Antarctica

Dr. Wilson and pony "Nobby"

He took part as a physician, natural historian, and artist in 2 British expeditions to Antarctica. He died on the 2nd expedition.

Howard Carter

Tutankhamun's tomb discovery - Howard Carter

He discovered Tutankhamun's tomb.

George Wallace Melville in 1910

George Wallace Melville

One of only 13 survivors of an expedition to find a quick way to the North Pole.

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