First Responders: Policemen & Policewomen

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From traffic control to crowd control, police men and women have always been on the front lines protecting their communities.

These photos, dating from the 1800's through the early 1900's, are of those who have sworn to serve and protect. In some ways, a lot has changed but the duties of these men and women have remained the same.

Wouldn't it be amazing if New York City's traffic today were like the 1911 photo below?

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Photos of Policemen & Women in History moment please

Washington D.C. policewomen

After Red Cross training.

Lindbergh & Schwarzkopf

Yes, that's Gen. Schwarzkopf's father - the Superintendent of the New Jersey police.

Dallas policeman


Learning on the job

New York police commissioners

Police vs Fireman ballgame

1894 policeman

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Taking fingerprints, 1908

1890's Mounted Police

1922 policeman

1925 Los Angeles


A policeman and policewoman practicing self-defense techniques.


Confiscating a "Tommy gun"

Missouri lawmen

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Brown County Jail, 1910

Historical facts: Thousands of years ago in China, "prefects" carried out investigations. In ancient Greece, slaves were responsible for crowd control and made arrests. And in the Roman empire, the army was in charge of security while local watchmen would be hired for extra help.

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