Our Everyday Heroes: Firefighters

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Ancient Egypt had fire fighting machinery, ancient Rome had a fire brigade, and after the Great Fire of London (1666), fire brigades were organized in London. In the US, George Washington was a volunteer firefighter and bought Alexandria VA its first fire engine. During the Civil War, government run fire brigades were created in the US but many communities still had volunteer fire departments. As recent as 2010, 70% of firefighters were still volunteers.

These are pictures of some of those heroes from the 1850's through the 1940's - including their equipment and fire engines. Thank you firefighters!


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Our Everyday Heroes: Firefighters

Remnants of the World Trade Center

They formed a cross from the remnants of the disaster.

Cartes de visite of firefighters, 1865

1901 Plattsburgh, NY

4th of July Parade

Graduating class of firefighters

Volunteer firefighters

Kirkland Washington

1920's training school

Woodworker & volunteer firefighter

1941 poster - volunteers needed!

1869 Constantinople

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Washington DC, 1910

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