The Cutest Little Faces You've Never Seen

Created on Mar 10, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
Of course your baby is the most beautiful, that's a given. But don’t you agree that these babies are a close second? A look at baby faces - and their expressions - over the past 100 years.


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The Cutest Little Faces You've Never Seen

Just looking at this baby makes you laugh with him

MY ball! :)

You just know that he loves his toy.

You know that's one clean baby

Surrounded by laundry - can't you just smell the wash on the lawn?

He's adorable - and so is his dog

Sadly, this little doll was killed in the Holocaust.

Can you see the man in the baby?

Little William Baber. It's said that he had a wonderful sense of humor as a man.

Premature cuties

Identical twin boys, weighing around 1 lb at birth and not much more than that at 12 days (when this photo was taken). This was in 1938 and not only did they survive - they thrived.

Chubby twins!

Felts twins, 1919. We don't know if they're identical but they sure have different personalities in this picture!

What's this darling holding?

Baby bottle? A bottle of milk? A bowling pin?

Fancy pram!

This pram probably belonged to the studio but any baby (or parent) would be proud of it.


The big smile may be for her fancy hat.

A New York beauty

She already has the pose and look down.

Ready for the North Pole

This baby carriage is fancy but what really stands out is how bundled up that baby is. She must be very hot - or the studio must be very cold.

That light in her eyes!

Little Genevieve may only be 6 mos old here but you can tell she's gonna be a pistol!

Naked Harry

Little Harry is just so squeezable.

I'm not so sure about you . . .

Even in 1890, little Roger wasn't sure he wanted his picture taken.

Serenity now

There's just something so adult about his demeanor . . . good baby!

Bette Davis eyes

Little Eva Marie Cummins has eyes that mesmerize.

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