The Cutest Little Faces You've Never Seen

posted Mar 10, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
Of course your baby is the most beautiful, that's a given. But don’t you agree that these babies are a close second? A look at baby faces - and their expressions - over the past 100 years.

Just looking at this baby makes you laugh with him

MY ball! :)

You just know that he loves his toy.

You know that's one clean baby

Surrounded by laundry - can't you just smell the wash on the lawn?

He's adorable - and so is his dog

Sadly, this little doll was killed in the Holocaust.

Can you see the man in the baby?

Little William Baber. It's said that he had a wonderful sense of humor as a man.

Premature cuties

Identical twin boys, weighing around 1 lb at birth and not much more than that at 12 days (when this photo was taken). This was in 1938 and not only did they survive - they thrived.

Chubby twins!

Felts twins, 1919. We don't know if they're identical but they sure have different personalities in this picture!

What's this darling holding?

Baby bottle? A bottle of milk? A bowling pin?

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