Try Not to Smile: Snapshots of Our Ancestors As Children

Created on May 18, 2018 by Daniel Pinna
What makes children so cute? Is it their smiles or oversized eyes? Whatever the reasons, children have always been seen as adorable. Here are some snapshots that are sure to make you smile.

Look at this smile!

Loesja Iinckers (or Imckers), Holland

Eldon McMullen doesn’t look to be very happy

Eldon McMullen, Florida 1900's

Will you marry me?

Leela Crawford and George Engel

Taken in Cuba around 1919

Herman Kip DeLaVega, Cuba 1919

Just love this look!

Jacqueline Joan Leral

Brother and sister in 1928.

Dorolyn Mae (Behling) Ingham

Edwin Frances Colombat proudly posing for the camera.

Edwin Frances Colombat

Sarah Fogiel dressed to impress with a carousel umbrella.

Sarah Fogiel 1935

Remember Little Lord Fauntleroy?

Little Lord Fauntleroy - Unknown Boy
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