These Crazy Photos of Our Ancestors Need Explanation

Created on Dec 14, 2017 by Kathy Pinna
Laughter is good for the soul - and as we now know, according to scientists and doctors, the body. Our ancestors intuitively knew this as well and they took advantage of new technology - photography - to make themselves laugh. We may not know what was in their minds at the time - lots of things, including the cultural environment, have changed - but these photos still can make you laugh today.

What is lacking is the caption - so in order to encourage your health and exercise your brain muscles, we're asking you to provide the captions. If you want to comment, click on the photo and make us laugh! Don't you wonder what the heck were they doing or thinking?

These Crazy Photos of Our Ancestors Need Explanation



Gator? Croc?

Walking the . . . alligator.


Japanese warrior

Wonder woman - in old Japan.



Four "hip" people

Hip. Cool. Oh, the 1970's.


Sideshow exhibit

Four legs are better than two.

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