The Social Security Death Index

A portion of the records contained about individuals found on AncientFaces ( have been made available via the United States Social Security Administration. The United States Social Security Death Indexes (SSDI) are public documents which provide general details on the majority of Americans who have deceased between 1935 through today. These records are available via the U.S. government and multiple online genealogy sources as they are beneficial for genealogists and for fraud prevention.

Social Security Numbers are made public to prevent fraud

Social Security Numbers of deceased individuals are made available for genealogists so that they can request the Social Security Application via the SSDI Administration. The Social Security Application shows the individual's full name along with any aliases, their parents' names, and where the individual lived and died. The Social Security Number of the deceased is made public to prevent fraud ninety (90) days after an US citizen dies. The Social Security Death Indexes are government records made available by the United States Social Security Administration under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This information is used to prevent fraud, and is utilized by International financial institutions. In other words, no one can use any of the data on AncientFaces for theft because the banks regularly check the SSDI to prevent individuals from taking out a loan or credit card based on a deceased individual's Social Security Number.

For further information, visit the Social Security Online at FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

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