Alfredo to Lucella

This is a photo of Alfredo to Lucella added by Jesse Dean Williams on September 11, 2020.
Date & Place:
None / Unknown

Updated Sep 15, 2020

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Jesse Dean Williams
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Ancient Faces
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I want to know his story! On the back: Alfredo to Lucella. Who is Alfredo? When was this elegant photo taken? So many questions. Do you see any clues?
Sep 15 · Reply
Sharon Burns
I think he's Filipino. Not sure that it was taken there, of course.
I was thinking Cuba or PR
Mary Alice Prejean Hunter
The holly on the front means Christmas time to me.
Audrey Dupaix
Nice photo !
Suzanne Tate
He’s a handsome young man.
Nonnie Watson
Oh wow.....really cool and distinguished
Sharon Emrich Shaw
Christmas frame
Lorrie KC
Is this a tin type or glass plate print? Those two things would narrow down the time frame. Also, on prints like this there are names of the studios. Sometimes a location. I'd guess early 1900s
Gloria Rodas
Christmas gift!
Adrianne Balcom
Looks like 1920s
Adrianne Balcom
Maybe affianced couple in an arranged marriage? Nothing to indicate “ love” or undying” anything.
Gina Kingsbury
There’s a Christmas cartouche printed around the inside border. Maybe a gift.
Sandra K English Bane
Beautiful photo
Jennifer Burton
There is a couple who lived in Albuquerque in 1952 listed as Alfredo I Montoya and Lucila Montoya. The son is Aflredo I Montoya Jr. There are military and birth records of an Alfredo Ignacious born in Cuba, NM in the late 1800s...which is near Albuquerque. Maybe a match?
Faith Stumpf
Nice picture. Should be a family heirloom
Suzanne Berglund-Edwards
It has to be special. An elegant picture in an elegant frame. What an expression!
Lu Vest
I bet there was a great love story there.He is handsome.
Debby Sprouse Abad
Patrick James
Turn of the century ?
Sally Roffey Ivison
Handsome young man.
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