Elliott Dean

Barrie Lynn Bryant shared a photo
on Jun 09, 2020 7:34 AM
Photograph by Barrie Lynn Bryant of Elliott Dean sitting on the grounds of Columbia County Courthouse in May 1993. Bryant made this photograph during the Magnolia Blossom Festival unbeknownst of Dean while Dean was actually waiting for Bryant to arrive the festival that day from Little Rock. Bryant and Dean became acquainted in 1990 when Bryant made his landmark photograph of Dean playing his fiddle on the courthouse steps during the Blossom Festival that year. Bryant's 1990 photograph of Dean won first prize in the Arkansas Times photography contest which launched Bryant's sporadic editorial career. Bryant is currently a professional artist living in Kirby, Wyoming and his work can be seen on Instagram @BarrieLynnBryant.
Date & Place: at Columbia County Judicial District 135 N Jackson, in Magnolia, Columbia County, Arkansas United States 71753
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