Moshe Hecht

Moshe was sadly killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau on May 14,1942 at age 7
Date & Place: in MM Romania
1935 - May 14, 1942
Updated Jan 27, 2020

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Alyssa McIntosh
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Ancient Faces
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Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. And Auschwitz was liberated 75 years ago today. This boy was killed at Auschwitz 3 years before liberation (at age 7). He represents millions of others who died in such camps. Never forget!
Jan 27 · Reply
Janis Orrico
38 favorites
This precious boy. Such a sweet face & no doubt loaded with talent. Such a loss.
Jan 27 · Reply
Betty Rogers
so so sad
Becky Kelly
Love these old pictures
Susan McCollum Lang
So incredibly sad.
Anna Tomaszewska
Sian Halligan
Heartbreaking to see those beautiful, innocent little faces. May they rest in peace x
Emilia Martini
Sian Halligan si !! Non riesco a guardare oltre! Il mio cuore batte troppo forte
Mary Wisey
I have grown old and he is still a boy. Rest peacefully dear boy . I will remember
Gloria Ortiz Flamm
All precious children!
Pete Herakovic
Gloria Ortiz Flamm how about Palestinian children ?
Gloria Ortiz Flamm
Pete Herakovic did I say ALL
Marilyn D'Auria
There's a special place in hell for all those who let this atrocity happen.
Pete Herakovic
Marilyn D'Auria there should be a movie , or two. One " God sentenced to hell" ,and two, " 95% of humanity sentence to hell for Palestine genocide.
Julie O'Hare
So heartbreaking
Deborah Flores
Diana there is a show on history channel "Auscwhich Untold" GREAT SHOW. Most of todays survivors (75 yrd) were children then
Ree Young
236 favorites
Jan 27 · Reply
Toni Stamos
One day that i wished didnt happen, power hungry people wants to spend their life destroying the world to please them selfs, sad that so many followed Hitler to not even benefit themselfs, just puppets on a string and when Hitler fell the strings where still in Hitlers grasp from beyond the grave.
Connie Yates
I am so sorry that mankind can be so evil. I pray that we never forget you and the price you paid at the hands of evil in our world.
Sonja Johnson Swift
Jenny Beukenhorst
Such a beautiful smile
Johanna Trayan
9 favorites
Poor baby, so sad.
Jan 27 · Reply
Annette Weiner
Try and imagine this is your son. Never again.
Paula Bisley
Never forget 😞
Sandra Weissgerber Jakum
Wow, putting photos of people before they were targeted and murdered is powerful.
Victoria Andrés Parada
Heartbreaking. Feel so sad!!!
Anne Ostrem Ray
To look at this sweet boy who should have had a long life is heartbreaking. What is just as heartbreaking is the rise again of antisemitism here in America. Such evil.
And that there are people who still belueve the Holocaust did not happen.
Lonny Van Remortel
Anne Ostrem Ray are you kidding me,dumb ass people.One day it might happen to them.Read History
Marian Kivlehan
Mel Connor
Just wish we could wrap our arms around them and give them huge hugs
Arlene Chiaramonte Berkey
Mel Connor
Denis Brunell
Denis Brunell
Denis Brunell
Denis Brunell
Fi Mac
Little Moshe Hecht
Poor little boy
The gallery of children's smiling innocence on the link made me cry...To think of the cruel end to their little lives is too much to bare
Carolyn Jean
God bless
Linda N Art Jeffords
So sad. We went to two camps over 20 years ago. Will not forget what I saw.
Louie Lou
Completely heart breaking.
June Pearman
such a wicked world at times .............
Kathryn Donahue
Look at that face.
Kathy Orfitelli
Mahesh Pardeshi
RIP young man
Andrea Nelson Elias
God bless his innocent soul.
Albert Curtis
Sad to know that so many children were victims in the Holocaust that the little fellow in the photo didn't get that much older than the picture. To think that our world appears to be moving towards such fascism again makes me angry, sad and fighting mad all at once. We people of good hearts and common decency need to stand together and stop this crazy-assed movement towards oppression.
Kel Brown
We must never forget ......
Hilda Torres
Let us not to forget.
Andrea K. Woolnough Edwards
Dear little soul reminds me of my Grandsons when they were his age!! 😥💔
Carol Vassallo
Poor little man and so many others it's staggering. RIP....❤
Claudia Bellemare
Cute little boy. He's an Angel now.
Mark Whittaker
Never Never forget no matter what any news outlet may say NEVER forget
Cindy Jones
It is heartbreaking.
Tina Vaughn
NEVER forget the atrocities that took place at these places of horror. NEVER forget the faces.
Jennifer Jacobs
No words.
Linda Sorrell
I’ve no words😭
Sheila Stewart
That was a terrible time for those people.
Patricia Seaton
Breaks my heart
Connie Johnson Bell
What a precious, precious child. It's such a shame that there are such vile, twisted, evil people in this world. It sickens me that people can't see that this could very well happen again today. People need to read their history books. So tired of ignorant, selfish morons.
Never forget
Jan 27 · Reply
Ingrid Balunek
Precious innocence...
Heartbreaking. We must remember before we repeat it. 😢
God help us all.
Ania Fraticelli
Befor we repeat it? Look Palestina now, my dear.
Susan Jacobsen
This is happening all over again in China ...
Bev Young
Also a day to remember the more than a million polish people who were also sent to lesser know concentration camps. The Jewish people were not the only ones who received brutal treatment throughout the wars.
Trudy Cunningham
So sad...Praying God Blesses the souls of all those that died and HE Blesses those that LIVED during and thru such a horrible time. Amen...
Kelley Anderson
Tammy Shepherd
Tracey Neubauer
How could anyone do this?
Tiffani Hines
It’s crazy to think that this was only 75 years ago. We talk and where taught about it like it was way in the past!! Sad cuz still today it happens just not to this extent
Gwen Meers
He is still around the place he died like many other who died there too.
Noella Desjardins Talbot
Doris Padgett
Heartbreaking. As all who perished in this unnecessary war. My relatives - non jewish, innocent germans.
Beatriz Misenta
Never again!
M Diane Murphy
Alana Lee
Poor baby
Sally Roffey Ivison
Such a jaunty confident little chap in his trendy kit. Appallingly sad.
Carol Hefner-Muehe
Such a handsome little guy. Rip
Lori Sanders Lute
Chastity.....what a stunning picture he makes. Deeply sad that he was lost.
Chastity 'Lowell' Deaner
Lori Sanders Lute yeah. 💔
Alice Alshuth
Sarah Farless
And it actually wasn’t that long ago...
Linda Debreto
such a beautiful little boy.
Linda Debreto
Ania Fraticelli
Hipócritas! Pueblo asesino el de Israel! Recordando el holocausto nazi pero cerrando bien los ojos a lo que pasa hoy por hoy con Palestina.
Sandra Derbyshire Graves
The worst tragedy of all time!! never to forget!!!!
Nancy Sirel
Heartbreaking 💔
Ljiljana Dokmanovic
Estelle Van Vuuren
70 favorites
I will never ever understand how you could kill a child...never!!!!
Jan 28 · Reply
Juanita Wilson
Karen Spyropoulos
And they weren't just Jews that were murdered. Christians too. I knew a woman that was Eastern Orthodox Christian who was a survivor of the camps. Thatoo number on her arm and the stories she told me that she witnessed...i can't even speak of them. My husbands uncle was captured and enturned in the camp. He survived.
My father in law, also a Christian, was captured but excaped. Catholic priests too. And to think Hitler was Catholic!
Laura Limon
Such a sweet little face. I always think how different the world might have been had all survived and the great things they could\would have accomplished.
Marie Delbuguet
N' oublions jamais. Plus jamais cela. La folie et la cruauté des hommes pour effacer de la surface de la terre des êtres humains.
Restons sans cesse en alerte!!!
Evelyn Batton
Hitler- what a wicked ,demonic man
Billie Mercante Reinhart
So horrible. And do not forget the many children deprived of parents and meds in comps in the US.
Sharon Marcus
Billie Mercante Reinhart exactly don't forget or turn away from the abuses happening at our border at this very minute.
Sherry Wilson-luster
If they came into the USA the legal way this wouldn't be a problem!!
Cecilia Rost
Que nunca jamas se olvide para que nunca vuelva a pasar
Bill Armitage
Nearly 40% of Germans were Catholic and nearly 60% were Protestant... the people pushing babies into ovens were Christians...
Paula Weller
So heartbreaking how could the evil Nazis do that to such beautiful innocent young children & babies, rest in peace little ANGELS, god bless you all, it should never of happend.xx
Jen Hughes
What a beautiful cheeky face. Absolutely horrific xx
Candice Vann
Most horrific slavery in history forever, even back to Jesus times and of the Jewish people, nothing can compare
Danis Arteaga
There are still many children today who do notreacha full life becase of ourcruelty to each other.
Michelle Hardy
I show my daughter who is nine because I believe this will be lost and will happen again much hatred I will never comprehend how people can do much harm
Henriette Giansily
Alyssa McIntosh
Such a horrid experience you went through. May you and your family rest in Heavenly peace 🙏💔😢
Daniel Pinna
483 favorites
Bless you Alyssa for making sure that we all remember.
Jan 28 ·
Marghe Rita
Alyssa McIntosh
6.76k+ favorites
The Nazis think they were being “Christians” to Murder millions of people for their different beliefs and race. They were clearly making the Devil proud.😡😡😡. If some parts of Christianity involves picking on people and abusing (non-believers)-people with different faiths and even gays-(I honestly don’t care if people choose to be gay, it’s their choice)-that club I WILL NEVER join.
Jan 28 · Reply
Alyssa McIntosh
Nazi (SS Soldier)- May God bless us
Me- Yeah, you made the Devil proud. 😡😡😡😡 [under my breath] Selfish bigots. That’s who they’re listening to.
Pam Fellers
So Sad
Kathy Waistell
I went through the entire list making sure to read every name and study every picture and send love to where ever their spirits might be
Armstrong Tree
Toooooo sad! Unbearable!
Bob Gaines
At least 2 million children. Jews are still under constant threat. 75 years after the Holocaust, it's an outrage that we still tolerate anti-Semitism. Are you listening, Ilhan Omar?
Wendy Coulson
Carlos Coppa
In Syria, Iraq, Libya, PALESTINA, still die children like that, it's just propaganda.
Lena Tate-Ervin
177 favorites
I seen his smiling face and had to smile myself, until I read the post.. 😢
Jan 29 · Reply
Marta Amanda Scafati
Jennifer Drake
How sad.
Robin Lada
Man, he was a cute kid!
Where do you think that damn Hitler is now? Dead yes, but is he burning in Hell? That isn't even enough of a punishment for him!
Jackie Criggar
Bless his heart, Rest In Peace little one. 😢💔🙏
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