Peter Westfalius

Updated Aug 24, 2022
Lynne Kary-Rana shared a photo
on Dec 12, 2015 9:54 AM
A photo of Peter Westfalius, who came to USA like a lot of european young men ,when he was a teen. He settled in San Francisco, and was a captain and did shipping until he started his own business. He was born in Sweden .His father was a big shipping man in Sweden. He was a member of various organizations. He had oyster business in San Francisco Bay area and in Conn. Somehow he is related to George Bruns, in a way we have not figured out , yet!

Do all the metals relate to the ? club he was in (escaping my mind right now) Very common organization in the 1880's.
People in photo include: Peter West
Date & Place: in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California United States

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AncientFaces commented on Dec 16, 2015
Swedish born Peter Westfalius who followed his father’s footsteps in shipping until he started his own oyster business in San Francisco, CA. This photo of Peter in (what’s believed to be) Masonic Shriner’s attire was taken in San Francisco in 1899.
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