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I am William James Gilbert and have been on and off researching My family tree starting with my oldest relative Edward Gilbert. Edward Gilbert emigrated from Staplehurst, England Kent County and was Born May 6, 1848, Died Oct. 22 1926. Edward traveled to the USA on the City of Brussels to New York arriving April 17, 1871 traveling with him was also his soon to be wife and her family also listed on the passenger list. Edward lived in Illinois on a farm he established his family in Coe Township, Illinois near the town of Port Byron. I was raised in Port Byron, Ill and have a sister and father still living there.
I would like to know if any relatives have done any research that can add to my own.

I have information on how the Six, Peterson, Swank and Long families are tied to mine. The families are all local to the Quad Cities in Illinois and Swank's are from Pennsylvania.

Jim Gilbert ([contact link])
[external link]
Apr 07, 2006 · Reply