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Holidays and Special Events

The times when families gather and celebrate.

Whether these holidays have religious or secular roots, they are times when family comes together and memories are made. Before the advent of photography, we didn't have a way to see what happened. Now, of course, we have over a century of visual recollections. << Read less
This is a photo of Silvio Malfetano and his wife Mary (Cinelli) Malfetano on a cruise tour... added by Mario Aranburu on April 6, 2020.
People in this photo:
Silvio Malfetano
Dec 20, 1896 - June 1978
Yonkers, NY
This is a photo of Bob and Carolyn Harris Timothy Hoptman added by Carolyn Lewis on March 24, 2020.
People in this photo:
Carolyn Ann Lewis
Born: Aug 9, 1960
Cliff and Pauline Calvert aboard the Disney Wonder to Alaska for their 50th wedding anniversary July 2016.(Cliff is the son of George Duffell Calvert)
People in this photo:
A photo of Louis Daniel Armstrong "Christmas in Harlem."
People in this photo:
Louis Daniel Armstrong
Aug 4, 1901 - 1971
A photo of the Obenberger children - Jane, 5 1/2. Nancy, 4. Karl 2 1/2 - Christmas 1964
People in this photo:
Jane Obenberger
Born: 1959
Found in a Texas antique store with other photos of the Ashenden family of Massachusetts. Mable Gates and Mollie Tallie or Lallie. Probably friends of Eva Ashenden. This snapshot was taken during the same visit as the larger group snapshot. Mollie is visible on the far left of the larger group photo.
People in this photo:
A photo of Eva M. (Ashenden) Murray and friends at Plum Island. Found in a Texas antique store with other photos of the Ashenden family of Massachusetts. Written on the back "Eva Ashenden + friends on vacation at Plum Island in Newbery Port [sic] Mass. 1914" The woman at far left rear is identified in the other Plum Island photo as Mollie Lallie or Tallie.
People in this photo:
Found at a Texas antique store with other photos of the Ashenden family of Massachusetts. Written on the back "Eva Ashenden and friends - Knights Of Columbus". May have been taken at Plum Island.
People in this photo:
A photo of George Daniel Murray and friends at the beach. Found in a Texas antique store with several Ashenden family photos. Left to right: "Rose Burns, Tom Walsh, unknown woman, George Murray" May have been taken at Plum Island. The ladies are wearing very daring bathing suits. One of them is even showing her knees!
People in this photo:
A photo of Erna Schlavin's family
People in this photo:
Erna Schlavin
Jul 7, 1917 - Mar 5, 1991
Chicago, IL
This pretty little girl is Mary Margaret Klingenmeier (1916 -- 1991) from Erie County, New York standing in the garden with the American flag on July 4th. Patriotic childhood moment... circa 1918
People in this photo:
A photo of Frances and George in Merriewold summer house circa 1950 Sullivan County New York
A photo of a Punch Magazine cartoon for New Years Day, 1919. Following the end of WW1 in November 1918, Punch Magazine shows that the task for 1919 was repairing global alliances.
A photo of Jean Puddicombe Sylvester & son James. Easter 1950 in Kentucky
People in this photo:
Jean Marie (Puddicombe) Sylvester
Feb 12, 1919 - Feb 6, 1996
This is an unsent postcard for Christmas. It reads: May your way through life be free from strife, and all your days with pleasure be, what more, my friend, could I wish thee? It's not dated, but probably early 1900's. On the back it says: A postcard of good cheer. A stamp today sends me away.
A photo of the Pinkley family, Easter 1952 Ft Lee Virginia
People in this photo:
Suzanne Mercedes (Harper) Pinkley
Sep 12, 1929 - October 2010
A photo of Genevieve G Myers
People in this photo:
Genevieve G Myers
Oct 10, 1934 - Dec 9, 1999
Trabuco Canyon, CA, United States
Christmas in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio in the 1950's. Probably taken in about December 1952. And a photograph of the photographer, Joseph "Joe" Cella (Journal News) while he is taking the photograph. The photo was taken of High Street looking east. He is standing on top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument near the Great Miami River. You can still see patches of snow in the photo of High St.
People in this photo:
Elvin Charles Tuttle with his sister, Shirley Ann Tuttle in about December 1951 during the Christmas season when he was 3 years old and she was 1 year and 11 months old (she turned 2 years old in Jan 1952). The photo was taken in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio and most likely at Roemer's Hardware on Pleasant Ave in the Lindenwald area of Hamilton.
People in this photo:
Elvin Charles Tuttle
Oct 30, 1948 - 2003
A Christmas card photo of the Medley & Mildred Ward family in 1959.
People in this photo:
Medley Ernest Ward
Nov 14, 1908 - Aug 17, 2002
McVille, ND
A photo of Pauline E Tibbetts
People in this photo:
Pauline E Tibbetts
May 11, 1926 - Feb 28, 2005
Medford, MA, Usa
A photo of Allen Daniel Groves and Shirleen Branson Groves - Easter Sunday celebrating while they were dating.
People in this photo:
A photo of a little girl that was taken for Easter in Norway, 1916.
A photo of Superman (George Reeves) with a very dapper Easter bunny - who's faster?
People in this photo:
George Reeves
Jan 5, 1914 - Jun 16, 1959
A photo of the Easter bunny with a strange hat. The boy looks like he's saying "Are you sure this isn't a unicorn?"
A photo of the Easter bunny with huge whiskers, wearing a vest. He's a hybrid!
A photo of a vintage (circa 1950's) Valentine's Day Card.
A photo of Santa Claus, Zachariah Thomas Mackey Hargis, and maybe Shirley Temple(?) taken by American Photo Service, Hollywood, California #AP-5512. Zack was in some older movies, posed for painters, worked circus and sideshows. I have tried to identifly the little girl from family photos and found her not to be a family member. I have wondered if this was Shirley Temple sitting on his lap.
People in this photo:
Zachariah Thomas Mackey Hargis
Feb 16, 1884 - Jun 16, 1962
a photo of a couple of boys enchanted by the Christmas window display in New York City.
A photo of women window shopping in the 1950's during Christmas.
A photo of Christmas shoppers, dressed "to the nines" in 1913 New York.
A photo of a young (rich?) girl, shopping for Christmas with a helper carrying the packages!
A photo of shoppers looking at the Christmas decorations in the window of Macy's in 1948.
A photo of women Christmas shopping in 1937 London. Love their coats! (And the dress in the window.)
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