Christmas Trees Over The Years

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Do you remember the Christmas trees of your childhood? Everyone does - my grandmother used to tell stories of her family's tree in England. After she and her siblings went to bed on Christmas Eve, her parents would decorate the tree. Then on Christmas morning, her parents would open the door of the parlor. There, in all of its glory, would be the decorated tree, awash in the light of the candles on the branches. (Sounds dangerous, doesn't it?)

Queen Victoria famously celebrated Christmas with a tree - a tradition in her German husband's homeland. Today, nearly everyone who celebrates Christmas has some kind of tree, real or artificial - remember the silver trees of the 1960's? Remember the tons of tinsel in the 1950's? What are your memories of and traditions around your Christmas tree? Do any of these photos bring back memories?

History: As far back as the Romans, Druids, and Vikings, evergreen branches have been used to decorate homes at this time of year. Celebrated under many names, the time around the Winter Solstice has always been considered sacred to people. The early Christians borrowed from these traditions to create their own Solstice celebration - the birth of the sun/son, Jesus. (Most Biblical scholars agree that Jesus was actually born in the early Spring, perhaps March - the Bible doesn't mention a date or even a time of year and early Christians didn't celebrate Christmas.)

1908 - toys on the tree and presents all around!

Aren't those children precious?

The horse Christmas tree

In 1918, they provided trees for horses. The trees were hung with apples, ears of corn and other "horse dainties"!

1919 Horse Christmas tree

Jail Christmas tree, 1919

Flathead Native Americans, 1910

Family gathering before Christmas in front of their outdoor tree.

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