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Emily & Mary Hagadorn
Emily & Mary Hagadorn
A photo of Emily Hagadorn and daughter, Mary E. Johnson - California Pioneers. Handwritten on back:
""Grandma, wife of Col. Jack C. Johnson (age about 40) and mama, Mary 'Mamie' E. Johnson-Robb...(about 6 months old)...born April 8, 1876 in Placerville in Bruster House...great-grandmother and grandmother to Philip Brock"

Mary "Mamie" Johnson was the daughter of John Calhoun Johnson (born 1822 in Deersville, OH) and Emily C. Hagadorn (born May 1834 in Cleveland, OH). Mamie's father, JC Johnson, was the first practicing attorney in California and explored the Sierras during the Gold Rush, finding a route over the mountains that is now U.S. Hwy 50.

JC Johnson was also the first man to carry the mail over the Sierra's in winter and had a 400 acre ranch in Placerville called Johnson's Ranch. He was the first to name Lake Tahoe (calling it Bigler's Lake), and named nearby Fallen Leaf Lake for his friend,Delaware Indian Chief, Fallen Leaf. He died in 1876 shortly after this baby girl was born.
Mamie Johnson married Albert Robb in 1904, and died in San Jose in 1953. Her mother, Emily Hagadorn Johnson remarried a Mr. Jacobs, and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, San Jose, CA.

Photo found in an antique store. I am not related to the person in this photo.
Date & Place: at JC Kemp's Great Flying Gallery in J Street, Sacramento, California USA
Daniel Tobin family, Hackbridge London
Daniel Tobin family, Hackbridge London
A photo of Daniel Tobin and family of Hackbridge London.

I found this picture in an antique shop in Penetangushene Ontario in July of 2009. On the back is written "Mr. Tobin and family Hackbridge" The only Hackbridge found on a google search is a subway stop on the London underground. The 1901 census shows the following family that are a good match for the older children in the photo. It helps that in the photo they have arranged the older child in order of age. Daniel and Jessie married in 1885 and by 1901 had 7 children. The photo has 15, so 8 more have been born. At an average of one every two years this picture was probably taken around 1917. Daniel was born in 1867 and so was 50. My guess is that the picture may be around 1920 as the boys who were enlistment age do not have their uniforms on and some of them were likely in the war. It being over at the time of the picture meant they were dressed in civilian clothes.
The back row can probably be named accurately in this way;
right to left: Matthew, Jessie, Daniel, Caroline, William, then Annie. Helen is sitting in front of Matthew. The other children will have to be named when the 1911 and 1921 census' show the family. One of them must have had family that moved to Canada for the picture to end up here. Daniel Tobin is the father. Jessie (Bennett) is the mother. I hope a Tobin who recognizes the census lists below will find this picture. Below are some census records and a birth and marriage reference for the Daniel and Jessie. Blaine Scott Midland ON [contact link]
1901 census England civil parish Bernondsey Ecclisiastical parish St. Mary Magdelen
ward 2 The Grange (street) #117 page 19 of 26
1 Daniel Tobin Head M 35 Coal Porter Worker born: London Southwark
2 Emily Jessie wife M 35
3 Matthew S 14 Vanguard Ca??r (Caonr?) worker
4 Jessie D 12 London Southwark (all children born there)
5 Daniel S 10
6 Caroline D 8
7 William S 5
8 Annie D 4
9 Helen D 1
Brother David also a coal porter listed in census.

1871 London St Saviour James Place
Matthew Tobin 34 Middlesex
Mary 33 Ireland
Michael 13
William 11
Daniel 4
Davey 2
Birth Reg Jan-Mar 1867 Daniel St. Saviour 1d 21
Daniel Tobin Jessie Bennett Marriage Reg: 1885 St. Olave Southwark 1d 520
Date & Place: in London United Kingdom
Oscar Hanson
Oscar Hanson
A photo of Oscar Hanson
People in photo include: George Hanson and Bonnie Brittain
Howard John Ruge, WWII Crew, New Guinea
Howard John Ruge, WWII Crew, New Guinea
Howard John Ruge is standing second from left as you are looking at the photo. My dad was stationed in the South Pacific during WWII repairing plane radios. In this photo he his stationed at New Guinea.
Date & Place: at New Guinea in Papua New Guinea
August Zemidat, 1900 NY
August Zemidat, 1900 NY
This is a picture of my grandfather, August Zemidat. He was born in 1875 and was a peddler for many years. This picture was taken in Brooklyn, New York in 1900
Date & Place: in Brooklyn, New York USA
Dorothy Ferguson Kroetch with Baby Elaine Kroetch
Dorothy Ferguson Kroetch with Baby Elaine Kroetch
Studio photo of Dorothy Ferguson Kroetch (wife of Hollis Kroetch, daughter of George Ferguson and Nancy Boggs Ferguson) taken with her infant daughter, Elaine. Elaine was born in 1924, followed by 3 more siblings - Fred, Frank, and Juanita (known as Norma). This photo was probably taken in Hoquiam or Aberdeen, Washington.
Date & Place: in Hoquiam, Washington USA
Regina Goellz, 1917
Regina Goellz, 1917
Portrait of Regina M. Goellz, age 13 years, taken in 1917.
Date & Place: in USA
Matthew J Champy
Matthew's mother was Christine Elaine (Koppenhafer) Champy (1946 - 2002). His maternal grandmother was Mary Kathleen Koppenhafer (1918 - 2009). They are all buried together in Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park 5600 Lindero Canyon Road, in Westlake Village, Los Angeles County, California. Matthew was with two friends, inhaling nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, when they died. It wasn't known if it was an accident or intentional. The cap could have been accidentally left off the top, filling the cab of the truck in which they were "partying" or it could have been that they left the cap off on purpose. “They were not drug addicts, and they were not bad guys,” said Luke Jacobellis, who was a friend of all three. “They just made a mistake.” The three friends died so young as the result of what could have been a dumb mistake. For more details, see 3 Found Dead After Inhaling Laughing Gas.
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