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George Jones FATHER'S BIOGRAPHY by Sgt. James Jones (Date unknown) John Jones was born in Llandyfrydog near Parys mountain copper mines on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, G.B. in Sept. 1806. He was the third son of Owen Jones and Ellinor Jones whose maiden name was Hughes. They lived on a small ?Lraoid farm, which he cultivated in connection with mining. Owen and Richard were his older brothers; the former was a sailor and the latter a shoemaker. He had brothers and sisters younger than he of which the writer has no data. John worked on the farm 'til 17 years of age then went to ? Caernavronshire copper mines for six months and returned home to the copper mines in Perys mountain for 1 1/2 years. He left home at 19 and continued work at various places in mining (Caernarvon, Flint, and Derbyshire) iron, lead, and copper mines for two years. Then to Merthyr, S. Wales where he worked in the iron mines. Iron and coal were taken from the same mine there. Emigrated to and landed in N.Y. City June 1833. Then went to Albany, and via the Erie Canal to Buffalo, and Lake Erie to Cleveland, thence to Cincinnati, Ohio in quest of mining. Finally to Gallia County, Ohio, where he worked three years in coal mines in So. Newcastle and Semples Landing. In March 1836 he came to Pittsburgh and worked in coal mines 'til injured in Mannings pit, Duquesne Heights in 1846. Shortly after coming to Pittsburgh he married Jane, eldest daughter of Widow Mary Rees. They had three sons John, James, and Paul. In 1846 after his injury in the mines, he was idle for a year before moving to Bradys Bend Iron Works, Pa. then in the zenith of its fame. They moved there in the spring of '48. In 1852 his wife left him and went to her people in Pittsburgh; and he "Batched" with his boys (aged 14,10, and 5 years). She returned in the fall of the same year and they divided the household property and forever after separated. He remained in Bradys Bend 'til the fall of 1860, then moved with his boys to ? Stigo Salt Works, Freeport, Pa. In fall of 1861 they moved to Bucks Run on Monongahela River. John (Eldest son) went to war in Co. C 9th Penn. Reserves in the meantime. Moved again to Temperanceville in May 1862. Second Son went to war in 5th U.S. Artillery March 1864. Oldest son returned home May 1864. Then the third son went to war in Co. I 93rd Penn. Volunteers after return of the eldest. All three sons survived the conflict of war and returned home. Second son married in 1867 and father went to live with him. The second son reentered the army, with wife accompanying as a laundress, on Oct. 6th 1868 ; and father joined his oldest son John at Sandy Creek Soda Works at Spring Hill 'til the son married in 1871, when he went to live with him permanently. He was injured by a fall of slate in the mine during 1872. In April 1872 removed with his oldest son's family to Stewarts Station, Pa. where he remained 'til his death on April 28th 1879. "He was a man of stern sincerity, true as steel, he firmly relied on Almighty God and thought all who did not do likewise very foolish, eccentric in some ways; but, a kind indulgent father and a true friend. He had ever plenty to satisfy his wants and died, though not rich, peacefully ; and with those who loved him." Handwritten note by son #2: Ordnance Sergeant James Jones Fort Popham, ME (Entire biography)
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