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James Martin
Died: around 1911
Walton Wooseley Martin MD
1878 - Jul 26, 1954
Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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Jeffrey Shelton The photo provided was found in the wedding album of my parents in 1938 in Pittsburgh PA. He was part of the wedding party. It is the only photo of him I have located to date.
Jul 06 · posted to the person Walton Wooseley Martin MD
Jeffrey Shelton Dr. Martin practiced medicine in Pittsburgh for 50 years. He graduated from medical school at the University of Western Pennsylvania in 1900 and opened his practice shortly thereafter. He assisted during surgery performed on former president Theodore Roosevelt in 1920. Dr. Martin was married 3 times and had one daughter. His niece, Jennie Anna Ritchie Shelton (Gowey) was the mother of this contributor. She and her uncle were apparently close throughout his life and she recalled him fondly after his death. Dr. Martin's sister, Nellie DeBarenne Martin Ritchie, was my maternal grandmother and died in 1964 in Virginia Beach VA.
Jul 06 · posted to the person Walton Wooseley Martin MD
Jeffrey Shelton Stilts. Fell down many times since poor balance as a child.
Jan 23 · posted to the photo 1960s toys
Jeffrey Shelton An interesting cartoon. He seems to have been a unique individual. I’m the son of an editorial cartoonist. Did Hirschfield do political cartoons?
Jan 23 · posted to the photo Al Hirschfeld Cartoon
Jeffrey Shelton When I was age 4-5 my mother took me to the medical office of my great-uncle, Dr. Walton W. Martin. He sat me on his lap and I recall the odor of his mustache from smoking cigars.
Sep 29, 2018 · posted to the person Walton Wooseley Martin MD
Jeffrey Shelton I’ve seen either this photo or similar before. Were these gatherings common in the list-war period?
Jeffrey Shelton Are they THE Zombies?
Jun 29, 2018 · posted to the photo Molly Molloy, Paul Atkinson, the Zombies