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Margaret Monteleone When my LaRose ancestors left LeHavre, France in the fall of 1856, Mari Anne LaRose took all of her important papers and put them in pockets made in her apron which she always wore under her dresses. In this way she knew where they were and that they were safe. Almost one hundred years later, the papers are still intact; although a little yellowed. Her idea to save these papers gives us a better idea of who she was. This women came to America at age 33 with a new husband and a child of 8yr. No one knows who the father of this child was; whether Mari Anne married him or had her child unwed. You can imagine the scandel that must have brought on if that was the case. Mari Anne married a German Jew named Aaron Mendel and he took her name. There is probably a story there but we don't yet know it.
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Larose
Margaret Monteleone Hi everyone, I just spoke to my older sister and we were talking about my Mother's hard life. Her Daddy, Silas died at age 37 and left his wife and 7 children literally destitute. My mother was 11 (the middle child) The oldest child was 17 and the youngest 9 months old. My sister was telling me a story about Joseph B I had not heard before. When Silas had the Heat Stroke and fell ill, (he had been working non stop in the fields) the doctors performed brain surgery, which even back then was expensive. Joseph B (Silas' Dad) had my Grandmother, Della, sign over her home as collateral. When two months later Silas died, Della had no way of paying her father in law, so he had her move out and sold the home. Nice story, huh? My mother, at age 12, went to work for other people and stayed in their homes and baby sat, cooked, and whatever else they needed for room, board and a small salary. My sister told me that one family, who were quite well to do, gave my Mother a HAIR RIBBON for her payment, rather than pay her money. My mother never forgot how she felt, when her Mother was needing the money that any of the kids could bring in to feed the little ones (there was three younger than my Mother, 7, 3 and a baby) at home. I never knew the name of the family and don't want to know. Margaret
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Rash
Margaret Monteleone Rhea Jeanne Huntington was born in Richmond, Indiana April 1, 1915. She became a dancer in Burlesque and at one point traveled with Danny Thomas in one of his productions. In approximately 1940, she was working in a club in Chicago, Illinois and met a young waiter who had just come to this county. He was six years younger. She was attracted to him and his latin good looks and they developed a relationship. He was soon drafted into the US Army and was transeferred to Texas. Rhea soon followed him to Texas and informed him that she was pregnant. They married and had a little girl, who was born in Tyler, Texas. In two years they had another child, this time a boy. Rhea was a better dancer than a Mother. She wanted to remain on the stage and continue dancing. That caused problems for the children; considering the father was in the Army and the mother on the road dancing. Rhea developed a taste for alcohol. In 1948 a third child was born, this time another son. Rhea just couldn't settle into the homemaker world and left her children to go back on the road. She abandoned her children while the baby was still in diapers.He never knew her as his Mother. After a divorce, Rhea married again and had three more chidlen, oddly two more boys and a daughter. Alcohol was taking over her world and she left this family too. These children were put into an orphanage in Colorado. Eventually Rhea ended up in California and when she died none of her children knew it...not for years. She lay in the LA county morgue for 30 days because no one claimed her body. A sad ending to a tragic story. What makes a women chose alcohol and attention over her kids? My husband was third child of her first marriage.
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Huntington