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Kroetch Surname History

The surname Kroetch is derived from the original German spelling of the surname KROTSCH. The name is often spelled Kroetsch or Krutch or even Crutch by various family members.  The name comes from the region of Bavaria.  The name can be found in Radelsdorf as far back as 1690 with the baptism of a Johann Peter Krotsch (umlaut 'o').  With the immigration of Martin Krotsch and his wife Kunigunda Regel, the surname spread throughout Eastern Canada and into the United States.  All people with the variations of the surname (Kroetch, Kroetsch, Krutch) are related by this immigrating ancestor.

The Krotsch (also spelled Kroetch, Krutch, Crutch, Kroetsch) family can be traced back to Bavaria, Germany.  One branch of the family (Martin and Kunigunda Krotsch) emigrated to Canada (via the United States of America) in the 1840's.  We don't know the meaning or origin of the name Krotsch/Kroetch prior to the 1700's.  Perhaps German relatives know more and can help by adding information here!

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Famous People named Kroetch

Famous members of the Kroetch family:

  • Robert Kroetsch, Canadian poet and novelist.
  • Joseph Wood Krutch, American writer, critic and naturalist.

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Kroetch Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

As far as is known, the Kroetch family originated in Germany. Kroetch is originally a German surname.  However, many descendants moved to the United States and Canada. At least one branch of the Kroetch (Krotch) family originally came from Bavaria Germany, emigrating to Canada in the 1840's.  The eldest son of this branch, the Martin and Kunigunda (Regel) Krotch family, whose name was George, stayed in New York.  The rest of the family continued on to Canada.  Through time, descendents moved to Michigan, Kansas, Idaho, Washington, and California. There must be descendants of brothers or sisters of Martin Krotch in Germany but none of the Canadian/United States family members have been able to find them.

Kroetch Meaning & Etymology

There is no known meaning of the word "Kroetch".  

Kroetch Life Expectancy

According to our database of 42 people with the last name Kroetch that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy


Most Common Kroetch First Names

According to our database of 105 people with the last name Kroetch that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • Hollis 4.8%
  • Juanita 4.8%
  • Frank 3.8%
  • Dorothy 3.8%
  • Elaine 3.8%
  • Kathy 2.9%
  • Pamela 2.9%
  • Gertrude 2.9%
  • Lawrence 2.9%
  • John 2.9%
  • Leo 1.9%
  • Lester 1.9%
  • Marian 1.9%
  • Fred 1.9%
  • Joseph 1.9%
  • Hellen 1.9%
  • Pam 1.9%
  • Patricia 1.0%
  • Peggie 1.0%
  • William 1.0%
  • Leonard 1.0%
  • John baptiste 1.0%
  • Helene 1.0%
  • Lucile 1.0%
  • James 1.0%
  • Frances 1.0%
  • Carol 1.0%
  • Olive 1.0%
  • Calistus 1.0%
  • Charles 1.0%
  • Victor 1.0%
  • Mary 1.0%
  • Frederick 1.0%
  • Doris 1.0%
  • Andrew 1.0%
  • Fredrick 1.0%
  • Margaret 1.0%
  • Jeanne 1.0%
  • Alice 1.0%
  • Serene 1.0%
  • Jno. 1.0%
  • Gregory 1.0%
  • Annabelle 1.0%
  • Wendy lee 1.0%
  • Anabelle johannes 1.0%
  • Anne johannes 1.0%
  • Wendy 1.0%
  • Kathleen 1.0%
  • Hellen isabell 1.0%
  • Hollis joseph 1.0%

Kroetch Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Some other spellings of Kroetch include: Kroetsch Krutch Krotch Crutch Krotsch  

Last names similar to Kroetch

Kroete, Kroetel, Kroetelhaas, Kroeten, Kroeter, Kroetgen, Kroetger, Kroeth, Kroethal, Kroether, Kroethert, Kroethoff, Kroetke, Kroetngh, Kroets, Kroetsch, Kroetsching, Kroetschmer, Kroett, Kroettinger

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