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U.S. Army Corps of Engineering

Browse the history of U.S. Army Corps of Engineering through vintage photographs.

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A photo of Pvt. Wood Hibbard, killed in WW2 in Brookwood, England. Son of... more
People in this photo:
· Posted by Tonya Hager on Dec 24, 2014
Front Row Center - Leonard Konieczka - Believed to be in Papau New Guinea..He... more
People in this photo:
· Posted by Grace Bergloff on Apr 7, 2014
Taken in USA.
A photo of Danny Romak of the 36TH ENGINEER BATTALION in Vietnam.
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· Posted by Chasity Conley on Aug 22, 2012
Taken at Mt. Gretna, Pa. Military encampment, Lebanon, York County, PA USA on .
Army Captain Bill Williams at Mt. Gretna, Military encampment in Pennsylvania... more
People in this photo:
· Posted by Teena Eaton on Jul 19, 2012
Taken at photographers studio, New York, Queens County, NY USA on .
Stephen Thomas Kershner,the Father I Never Knew: This photograph came from my... more
People in this photo:
· Posted by Paul Dodds on Mar 1, 2012
Taken in USA.
found in flea market in Springfield. MO
· Posted by Carl James on Nov 16, 2011
Taken in New Guinea Australia in .
Wilmorris Mondier, My Dad. This picture was taken during WWII, about 1941 or... more
· Posted by Marcia Perguidi on Aug 31, 2011
Taken at North of Seoule, South Korea on .
Looking down from Hill. Compound sat in a horseshoe valley suurounded by... more
· Posted by Ken Oakley on Jul 16, 2011
Taken at Battle of the Bulge, Belgium in .
This is my dad at age 19, freezing at the Battle of the Bulge.
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· Posted by Joan Crowl on Mar 31, 2009
Taken at Hickory, Catawba County, NC USA in .
Sgt. Chester Clay Williams Co C 117 ENG, 42 DIV, USA, Chester Clay Williams,... more
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· Posted by Carol Sutton on Mar 11, 2009
Taken in USA on .
My great grandfather Andrew Brown McAulay Munn. Born 2nd April 1894, Old... more
· Posted by Karen Le Breton on Aug 20, 2007
Taken at Goose Bay, Labrador, USA in .
Lt. Donald Thomas Ziegenfuss at a radar station in Goose Bay Labrador. Army... more
· Posted by Brian Ziegenfuss on Jun 22, 2007
Taken in USA in .
Sergeant Charles Malley of Philadelplia, Pa. assigned to the 36th combat... more
· Posted by Christopher Krause on Jun 12, 2006
Taken in USA.
This is Henry Franklin Woster, called Jake by his family, when he was in the... more
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· Posted by Susan Woster on Jun 7, 2006