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About: I belong to redden, toman, rotter, yates, davis, burke, arms, bitts, sylvius, loper, crider, landis, buckwalter, vybiral, vetesnik, mckinny, searcy, hall, shepard, land, owens, fairchild, neal, smith, borders, cantrell, jackson, kuhn, zitka, novak, blair, kolbabek, severin, zabrasa, ward, hayes, groener, reynolds.. my paternal line of Tomans, which is a combo of zitka, kolbabek, zabrasa, vybiral, vetesnik are from bohemia moravia czeckoslovakia. they have severins and novaks married in.. my paternal line also has rotter, bitts, loper, sylvuis, they are pennslyvannia dutch from germany.. my maternal line one half is reddend comming from criders and owens buckwalter and landis . hans landis helped create the mennonite religion with meno simmons in hirzel switzerland they were persecuted and drove out of switzerland thru germany to america where they married thru the buckwalter family then the criders mckinys owens, reddens.. there is indian blood in this line the reddens somewhere.. the other half of my maternal lines is some onfamous family names if you get to the eastern parts of kentucky hall davis burke yates arms, blair, fairchild, borders, sellards, land, neal. not sure where they orginally stem from but i know the roots of just the past few generations run deep and proud in appalachia. there is indian as well running thru these branches. I love to do family tree's and have done many besides my own and am willing to help anyone.. I also love to meet people that are conected to my family tree and get to know distant cousins i have made many freindships that will last a lifetime thru geneaology. I am also researching these families for my children sullivan from the gary indiana area. webb is a big one i am researching because how odd can it be that my youngest son his paternal grandmother is a webb from nebraska but there family comes from laclede county missouri. then my daughter her paternal great grandmother is a webb who's family stems from missouri near the same place but i only have a few names and no dates or places to go by on that one. then my grandmother who is from paintsville kentucky she is distant cousins with clara webb we all know that is loretta lynns mom... i thought it would be neat to start looking up webb genealogy but there are so many of them.. i figure someday someone will come across one of my postings and provide me with bits of info that could help me out. there are many other names i am researching and will help anyone i am a stay at home mom who has been doing research for over 15 years, heck i have even been known to travel to do it. if you have any info or have any questions or just comments please email me at [contact link] thanks and you have a wonderful day.. blair,
Surnames: Jackson, Davis, Smith, Lenz, Ruch, Hayes, Webb, Blair, Burke, Combs, Hall, Neal, Sullivan, Cantrell, Land, Shepherd, Howard, Owens, Reynolds, Yates, Novak, Shephard, Sellards, Borders, Couch, Crider, Searcy, Fairchild, Landis, Loper, Arms, Kuhn, Redden, Severin, Cantrill, Toman, Bitts, Roter, Syvius, Ueding, Stidd, Buckwalter, Vetesnik, Zabrasa, Hampt, Kolbabek, Groener, Vybiral

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