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About: Retired and uninteresting. Researching Cards and Family of Francis Walker 1777-1839 and Olive Sipperly/Shippee 1779-1840 whose daughter, Clarissa Walkler 1817-1859, maried William Peleg Card 1811-1878 of Pownal. Have traced Cards thru William Card 1710-1784, Pownal, VT to Rhode Island, and on to England and a John Cardy 1542-1647. Looking to more fully confirm and add data (always.) Esp Wm Card as a Loyalist in the Battle of Bennington and any early Card photos that I can get my hands on ... esp of Franklin W. Card 1844-1898, Vet of the 49th MA and 57th MA. I know what his 2nd wife, my great grandmother, RACHEL CORBIN, looked like --- I'd like to eye-ball him. He is a very intetesting character. Far from an angel (his own son shot him in 1895), he was a war hero in the worst of wars -- and despite the aforementioned family spat, he was not disowned by his family. Like my father, I carry his name.
Surnames: Jordan, Graham, Francis, Walker, Bowers, Warner, Glenn, Card, Green, Corbin, Whipple, Bass, Dean, Briggs, Shippee, Glynn, Macleish, Homer, Boulger, Michalenko, Sipperly

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