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About: The names we are researching resided in and/or settled the following areas: South Wales; Scotland; Northern Ireland; Normandy; Germany, Belgium & the Netherlands; Virginia; West Virginia, Kentucky, Kansas, Idaho and Washington state; first wave of settlers in the Hudson River & Mohawk River Vallies; founding fathers of New Haven, Middlesex and New London Counties, CT, along with Suffolk, Norfolk & Middlesex Counties in MA; first wave of settlers to Quebec and Ontario, Canada.
Surnames: Adams, Arents, Arnold, Augur, Ballard, Barheit, Batte, Bengough, Benning, Birdseye, Blackmore, Blanchard, Blevins, Bloss, Blower, Bogaert, Bogart, Boggs, Bon, Brackett, Bradley, Brice, Broadhead, Brodhead, Caskanette, Chartrand, Dagenais, Dean, DeJongh, Delva, Deming, Dewitt, Doig, Dupuis, Dutton, Erwin, Fant, Ferguson, Ford, Frost, Garrett, Gascon, Gilbert, Gray, Grizzell, GRIZZLE, Hurd, Jameson, Jones, Keen, Koeth, Kroetsch, Lane, Leblanc, Leitchnam, Lyon, Lyons, Marcelis, Marchant, Merkle, Millard, Morison, Oliphant, Oosterhoudt, Pauling, Pawling, Picket, Poortman, Pulver, Regel, Roosa, Roosevelt, Roth, Sheather, Southwell, Steeples, Stokes, Tasker, Tyler, Van Epps, Van Schaick, Van Sice, Van Vorst, Vaughan, Vrooman, Wells, Wilcoxson, Wiley, Winne

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Lauren...I am happy to send the photo to you (free, of course) me thru by clicking on my name at top right of page....
Robert Rutledge 1891 Jun 18, 2012
Photo taken in Lawrence, Kansas (see comment above and right of photo)
Katherine, unfortunately I this is not my relative and I found very little information on this fellow, so do not know if and who his siblings sorry!!
All that is written on the back is "George Fulton" then in pencil it says "Clara"...
Paul, thanks so much for the information! You can email me directly at my account. Pam Marks
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