10 Hot Summer Beach Fashions from 100 Years Ago

Updated on Jul 21, 2019.   Originally added on Jun 21, 2017 by Kathy Pinna
School's out, summer has begun - and hot (often extremely hot!) weather is here.

Some things rarely change and even 100 years ago traditional summer vacations almost always included a trip to the beach. However, how we dress for our beach adventures has dramatically changed since the late 1910's - 1920's. Could you imagine wearing these outfits during a Summer heat wave?

Enjoy these ten hot summer photos from 100 years ago - and consider yourself lucky for not having to wear these bathing suits to the beach!


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10 Hot Summer Beach Fashions from 100 Years Ago

It may not be a real beach but it's a lovely photo of a day at the beach!

The beach, her doll, an umbrella and a fan - why does she look unhappy?

How would you like all of that fabric on a hot summer day?

You could wear this on the street today - and be overdressed!

So, your suit couldn't be too high above the knee?

Choose one!

1920 lineup of bathing suits

In the 1920's, shoes and stockings were a must at the beach.

Bring your own music - ukuleles.

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea - not!

Swimming in the 1880's

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