Pets: Our Ancestors' Buddies

Created on Nov 17, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
Social media is full of pictures of our pets. And they - dogs, cats, horses, and others - have always been who we turn for comfort and joy. But more than a century before the internet was invented, we included our best friends in our pictures - even when photography was an expensive proposition. Many of the pets knew how to pose better than the people!

Today, many people have included their ancestor's pets in their family trees - gleaning names from older relatives, old diaries, or from old family photos. Often, you'll find that the type of dog or cat that your ancestor had, is the breed that you have chosen today or that, just like family names, pet's names are repeated! These photos of pets (and their friends!) bring a smile to our hearts - and they will to yours as well.

Pets: Our Ancestors' Buddies

This dog is joining the Army too?

Oswald John Joseph Shaw

You know whose kitty that is!

Jane Leonard 1923-2005  & Tom Leonard 1921-1963

A passel of puppies

Unknown children

The kids are pretty darn cute, too.


Awwww. . .

Peter Olds - My puppy!

To both - the puppy and the boy. A classic.

They don't look alike . . .

Jennie Dimmick Armstrong

But they are both distinguished.

She's got her dog by the neck . . .

Pierre Oswald

And he looks okay with it!

A gun and her dog . . .

Jenny Robitaille

She's loaded for bear!

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