Pets: Our Ancestors' Buddies

Created on Nov 17, 2016 by Kathy Pinna

Social media is full of pictures of our pets, and it turns out sharing photos of our pets isn't new.

Our best friends often are our dogs, cats, horses, and other animals who we turn to for comfort and joy.

More than a century before the internet was invented, we included our best friends in our pictures - even when photography was an expensive proposition. Many of the pets knew how to pose better than the people!

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The owner of the house!

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Every good hunting party needs a few dogs

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Regina Storey
9 favorites
shared on 12/27/2015

But poor bear and rabbit :(

Fluffy puppy!

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Erin Lybrand
41 favorites
shared on 11/28/2015

Looks like the dog was trying an early version of photo bombing

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Photo of Sarah Bradway Sarah Bradway
5 favorites
shared on 11/13/2015

Don't hug granny . . .

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Photo of John Vaughn John Vaughn
104 favorites
shared on 11/11/2015

Hug your dog!

Do you see the magpie?

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It's sitting at her shoulder.

Riding the bull?

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Photo of Syiera Rose Syiera Rose
3 favorites
shared on 09/24/2015

Or is it a cow?


Their dolls took center stage

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Photo of Terrie Winsor Terrie Winsor
15 favorites
shared on 09/14/2015

Poor dog got the cold, hard ground.

Our friend, the hard working horse

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The puppies could care less . . .

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M Casey
14 favorites
shared on 08/07/2015

About a photo. They're gonna play!

They had a lamb

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Photo of James Luke Bone James Luke Bone
14 favorites
shared on 07/22/2015

Are you envious?

No, no!!

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Photo of Gail L Gail L
19 favorites
shared on 06/29/2015

Don't take him on the motorcycle!


They're just as cute as she is

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Another distinguished pair

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Never make a turkey a pet . . .

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They multiply and surround you!

Today, many people have included their ancestor's pets in their family trees - gleaning names from older relatives, old diaries, or from old family photos. Often, you'll find that the type of dog or cat that your ancestor had, is the breed that you have chosen today or that, just like family names, pet's names are repeated! These photos of pets (and their friends!) bring a smile to our hearts - and they will to yours as well.

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