The Art of Photography Has Changed Through The Centuries

Created on Feb 01, 2016 by Daniel Pinna

Taking photos wasn’t as easy in the past as it is today. People couldn’t just take selfies on a whim, and not just anybody could take a photo. Expensive heavy machinery and slow technology required professional photographers to capture special moments in time.

Creating a photo was a time intensive event that relied entirely on the abilities of the photographer. Photography was considered a mix of science and art, and photographers made magic.

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Professional History Photos moment please

Impressive image of Dreamland - an amusement park at Coney Island

You can almost tell her personality from this photo taken in 1916

Enjoying the beach at the turn of the century


Photos like this would often show social status: well educated at a young age

shared on 07/03/2013

It was popular to frame images with advertisements for the photographer

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Now this is a professional portrait

Like mother, like daughters

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Touching photo taken in 1902 New York

Moments in Time

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