Those Mysterious Freemasons (And Other Fraternities)

Created on Jul 14, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
Have you even seen the inside of a Masonic Lodge? Did you know that there were female Masons? Well, now you can see both - and more. These pictures show the history of "secret societies" and fraternities during the 18th - early 20th centuries.

Fun Facts: The first known Grand Lodge of Freemasons was formed in England in 1717 - and the first recorded female Mason was in Ireland around 1712. Lodges were formed in the "Colonies" of America in the 1730's and many founders of the United States (and 14 Presidents) were Freemasons. By the time of the Civil War, there were over 200,000 men in the U.S. who were Free and Accepted Masons.There have been hundreds of fraternities in the U.S., the Freemasons perhaps being the oldest.

Those Mysterious Freemasons (And Other Fraternities)

"A Mason holding his own"

A Mason holding his own

A Masonic Shriner

George Washington, Master Mason

Washington as a master Mason

Grand Lodge #2

Group of Grand Lodge of Masons. No. 2

1897 Black lodge.


Los Angeles California

African American man, California

First recorded female Mason

The Hon. Mrs. Aldworth, the lady freemason

Elizabeth Aldworth became a Mason in County Cork.

Co-Masons in England


A mixed male and female Lodge circa 1908.

Teddy Roosevelt, Master Mason

Theodore Roosevelt, the master mason

Other U.S. Presidents who were Masons:James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield,William McKinley, William Taft, Warren Harding, F. D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Gerald Ford.


Silicon Valley Lodge in 1866

Masonic and Odd Fellows Hall, CA

San Jose CA.

1916 Masonic baseball game

Masonic ballgame, Shrine vs. Grotto

Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith

Founder of the Mormon religion and a Freemason.

Inside Lodge room, NYC

Masonic Temple, New York City

Grand Lodge meeting in copper mine, AZ

Masonic Grand Lodge of Arizona

Matthew Brady photo of an unknown Mason

Unknown man, taken by Matthew Brady
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