Would You Wear These Dresses From The Past?

Created on May 25, 2018 by Kathy Pinna

Some dresses' details are fascinating, some dresses flatter - and some would smother, especially in the summer. Many of these dresses no longer fit our daily lives, and are definitely out of fashion, but it sure would be fun to wear some of them!

Whatcha think of these? Personally, I think I'd love the opportunity to wear a few of these beautiful dresses.

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Leg o’ mutton sleeves!

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Leg o' mutton sleeves, first popular in the 1820's and 30's, made a comeback in the 1890's. The sleeves and the lace inserts made this dress.

Simply lovely and feminine

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1908 stage dress - I would have worn this to my high school prom but at proms nowadays, there just isn't enough skin and body shape showing!

The details on the skirt hem made this outfit!

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1880's Illinois.


Long sleeves, long hem, loose waist

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David Lynch
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shared on 11/11/2015

This 1872 dress was seamstress made but had lots of details.

Look below the waist of this dress!

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Tracy Waller
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shared on 03/22/2014

Look closely and you can see the interesting detail in the "girdle" of the dress.

Such elegance

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This older woman in the 1800's looks more elegant than anyone could in this day and age.

Sure, the guy is dapper but her seamstress did a heck of a job!

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1800's Sweden - love the collar!


Beautiful lace

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Only the top of this dress survives visually but I can imagine the rest was just as lovely.

Mata Hari in Paris - scandalous, her arms are showing!

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While everyday women were covered from neck to toe, in 1906 France, entertainers got away with relatively little clothing.

Circa 1900, this dress is SO cute and fresh!

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Yes, a neat hat - but if you look closely, this dress is darling

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Photo of Linda Burkholder Linda Burkholder
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shared on 04/22/2001

1902 - The ribbon, lace, and gingham pattern of the material really work well together.

These women wore lighter fabric but there was still plenty of it!

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Late 1800's, California - wouldn't want to wear these dresses in the summer.

Two girls in "Japanese costume"

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In 1908, the American interpretation of "Japanese clothing" was very close to (American) daily wear.


The details are amazing

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Lynne Kary-Rana
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shared on 10/26/2015

This 1915 dress has such amazing detail on the bodice.

I want it!!

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Just absolutely love this 1929 beaded dress.

Not fancy but really cute

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Mary Ciesielka
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shared on 11/26/2011

This 1920's dress has a lot of design interest.

Look at the hem

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This 1922 evening dress would be fun to dance in!

Do you see a trend?

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In the 1920's, there was less fabric but lots of interesting details.

Beading all the way down the front

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They sparkled as much in 1924 as we do now.

Oh, scandalous!

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Evidently, in 1929 you could show cleavage and lots of arm and leg

Another glorious hem

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This 1931 dress is quite lovely and "flowy"


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This lady in 1931 may not be young but she certainly has a sense of style.

The height of fashion

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Photo of Rhonda Watt Rhonda Watt
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shared on 09/19/2014

This 1937 magazine cover shows what a well-dressed woman wore in Australia.


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Andrea Freeman
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shared on 12/09/2015

Not only the dress is gorgeous but the purse . . . wow!

Love 1940's fashion

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Andrea Freeman
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shared on 12/09/2015

The same lady as above in another flowing skirt

What you had to wear underneath

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strapless bra and girdle in 1949

1955 suit

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Photo of Christine Routon Christine Routon
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shared on 01/22/2015

I remember my grandmother wearing suits like this. They really showed off your figure.

1963 suit

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Roger Lawless
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shared on 06/25/2014

Women's suits became more boxy in the 1960's.

Early 1960's

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Photo of Mark C. Bandusky Mark C. Bandusky
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shared on 08/12/2015

We've come almost 100 yrs since the beginning and look at the difference!

Late 1960's, early 1970's

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Patterned, loose, and short - the shorter the better!

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