Would You Wear These Dresses From The Past?

Created on May 25, 2018 by Kathy Pinna
Some dresses' details are fascinating, some dresses flatter - and some would smother, especially in the summer. Many of these dresses no longer fit our daily lives but it sure would be fun to wear some of them!

Look through these 30 dresses - which one(s) would you wear today?

Leg o’ mutton sleeves!

Maria Anderson

Leg o' mutton sleeves, first popular in the 1820's and 30's, made a comeback in the 1890's. The sleeves and the lace inserts made this dress.

Simply lovely and feminine

Music Hall Player

1908 stage dress - I would have worn this to my high school prom but at proms nowadays, there just isn't enough skin and body shape showing!

The details on the skirt hem made this outfit!

Frediericka Ruge 1880

1880's Illinois.


Long sleeves, long hem, loose waist

Henrietta and James Attrill

This 1872 dress was seamstress made but had lots of details.

Look below the waist of this dress!

Viola (McNutt) Waller

Look closely and you can see the interesting detail in the "girdle" of the dress.

Such elegance

Mary Ann (Macfarlane) Plews

This older woman in the 1800's looks more elegant than anyone could in this day and age.

Sure, the guy is dapper but her seamstress did a heck of a job!

Karl Angstrom & Brita Ohlen, Sweden

1800's Sweden - love the collar!


Beautiful lace

Ibbie Batson

Only the top of this dress survives visually but I can imagine the rest was just as lovely.

Mata Hari in Paris - scandalous, her arms are showing!

Mata Hari in Paris

While everyday women were covered from neck to toe, in 1906 France, entertainers got away with relatively little clothing.

Circa 1900, this dress is SO cute and fresh!

Nellie Dickson

Yes, a neat hat - but if you look closely, this dress is darling

Jessie (Wood) Frost, Pennsylvania

1902 - The ribbon, lace, and gingham pattern of the material really work well together.

These women wore lighter fabric but there was still plenty of it!

Wilson family

Late 1800's, California - wouldn't want to wear these dresses in the summer.

Two girls in "Japanese costume"

Hazel Vincent & Vern Burtleson, Oklahoma

In 1908, the American interpretation of "Japanese clothing" was very close to (American) daily wear.


The details are amazing

Cordelia Powell Odenheimer

This 1915 dress has such amazing detail on the bodice.

I want it!!

Betty Helm, Indiana, 1929

Just absolutely love this 1929 beaded dress.

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