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Add Photos

Do you have a bunch of photos stored away in a shoe box or recently run across an amazing photo at an antique shop that you just had to save? Trying to reunite orphans photos with their family? Well you've come to the right place!

What kinds of photos should I share?

The short answer, just about any photos that connect you with the past. Add photos of individuals to their biographies, images of old friends and family, unknown photos you found or those more recent snapshots capturing those special moments in time.

How do I add photos?

and click at the top of the page. Please add photos in .jpg .gif or .png format and under 10MB in size.

What information should I include?

Describe photos with as much detail as possible. This includes a descriptive title, approximate dates & locations, a brief story about the image, and tag related topics. Whenever possible, tag individual biographies of people who appear or are associated to the photo.

Can I edit or disable my photos?

Yes, we encourage you to update your photos to include more information. Just make sure you are signed in, navigate to your photo and click the 'edit' button to make any modifications. If you'd like to remove your photo click 'disable' in the bottom left hand corner.

Add Bios

Today we all have online profiles but our ancestors never had an opportunity to share their lives online. At AncientFaces we build biographies of our family & friends so that their legacies are remembered forever.

What are bios?

Biographies are collaborate online profiles of our friends, family members and people from our past. By working together we are able to create a more accurate portrait of our loved ones. When you click the on a particular bio. we will notify you once new information is available.

Who should have a bio?

Everyone. Our goal is to have online profiles for anyone and everyone so that their lives are always remembered.

What information should I add?

It depends on the individual. However, all complete biographies include vital information such as full names, important dates and locations, immediate family tree, photos, and of course any special moments in their lives. Leave a comment if you're searching for more information. It's likely others will contribute to help you with your discovery.

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