Uploading photos

Do you have a bunch of photos stored away in a shoe box? Have a couple that you think are just amazing, chronicle a historical event, or that absolutely prove your relationship to some famous celebrity or member of royalty?

Begin uploading photos

Helpful Uploading Tips

Image size and format: We know you have a beautiful photo of your relatives and you want all the shining glory of the image to be displayed. However, we do have size and format limitations. Please upload photos in .jpg or .png format and under 10MB in size.

Description: Describe the photos you upload with as much detail as possible. This includes people's full names, dates and locations. Use keywords to help others who are searching for your photo.

People in photo: On the final page of the upload process, make sure to enter the full first and last name of each person you recognize into the appropriate area. If you don't know who the people are don't worry, and just skip this step.