Charlie Chaplin at 21

Although Charlie Chaplin (Charles Spencer Chaplin) was born in England and spent his early childhood in the UK, he came to the U.S. early on in his life. On his second stage tour of the U.S. at the age of 23, he roomed with Arthur Stanley Jefferson, who later was known as Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame. Laurel returned to England for a while but Chaplin stayed, being hired by Max Sennett for the Keystone Film Company.

The rest, as they say, was history - history leading to a long and incredibly talented career.
Date & Place: in USA
Updated Apr 15, 2020

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Do you know who this 21 year old is? He made millions laugh and tugged at the heartstrings of many. He can even make you laugh today - over 40 years after he died! (If you're sheltering in place, it's a great time to discover the old B&W movies.)
Apr 15 · Reply
Shelia Ransom
Charlie Chaplin?
Persh Lankly Friday
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Sheridan Fenwick
Janet Fuls
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The Great Dictator is my favorite. He was amazing playing two parts.
Apr 15 · Reply
Marion LeBleu
Charlie Chaplin.
Delray Twait
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Charles Chaplin
Apr 15 · Reply
Anna Hunter
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplain
Apr 15 · Reply
Elle Davis
Lynda Lalancette
Charlie Chaplin 🥰😊
Sheila Craig
A genius.
Melissa Moss O'Hara
Charlie Chaplin
Susan Hooban-Balsamo
My Charlie
Celeste Fernandez Rivera
Shannon Chaplin
Shannon Chaplin
Celeste Fernandez Rivera
Celeste Fernandez Rivera
Master Charles ❤️
Joyce Spaul
Charlie Chaplin.
Barbara Burwick
Recognized him immediately!
Linda Woody
He was a marvel of his time but I do not think much of his political philosophy.
Frankie Cascioppo
Charlie Chaplin
Linda Collins
What a character he was! And his daughter looks so much like him!
Ricardo Aqquino
I am plenty sure he stole the character from Stan Laurel, they arrived to America together in the same boat , is well known they didn't went well and Charles was not as sweet as his alter ego
Sukhpreet Singh
Charlie was also having colourful life, with many..
Celeste Fernandez Rivera
Ricardo Aqquino in England?
Ricardo Aqquino
Celeste Fernandez Rivera they were working together since then.
Andy Hammond
Celeste Fernandez Rivera Stan Laurel was English as well. They were in the same comedy troop, Fred Karno's army, before going to America x
Celeste Fernandez Rivera
Ricardo Aqquino i dont think so since Charlie Chaplin was doing “the drunk” routine in his native England way before he came here to California.
Maureen Freeson
He was handsome,,,Mo
Tracy Thurman
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Yes Charlie Chaplin
Apr 15 · Reply
Carmiel Aldred
Charlie Chaplin
Ree Young
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Chaplin...recognized his face. I've watched so many of his old silent films.
Apr 15 · Reply
Talullah Clementine
Charlie Chaplin
Patrick Fitzgerald
Charlie with Helen Keller...
Daisy Taylor
Stuart Taylor
David Phelps
Yes I do know but I am not Telling..
Michelle Morrow
Charlie Chaplin
Donna Richwalski Winski
What a Handsome Funny Man. 👍
Marilyn O'Kelley-Johnston
Little Tramp...
DeAnn Pautler
Charlie Chaplin
Karen Keeler
Knew him right away. Love his movies!
Paul Ahern
Lone Vissing
I guessed it was Chaplin before I read the text ☺️
Judy Cooper
Charlie Chaplin!
DeeDee Bailey
Charlie Chaplin
Emil Stefanov
Charlie Chaplin
Kathy Peebles Finney
Charlie Chaplin
Suzanne Norris Silvia
Love Charlie
Kathy Pinna
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And looking at him, I can see why Robert Downy Jr was a good choice for portraying him in "Chaplin"!
May 09, 2012 · Reply
Martha Rice
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He was really nice looking.
May 09, 2012 · Reply
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